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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Covert Affairs: "Bang and Blame"

Annie's going back to school! A mole is leaking names of high value CIA recruits and Annie is sent back to the Farm to complete her training in firearms, graduate and, oh, also root out the mole. Another solid episode in CA's sophomore season, "Bang and Blame" closes a nice plot line from the Pilot (the completion of Annie's training and actual graduation from the training program) but also does a nice job appreciating what she has been through as an active spy for more than a season. Several parts of the episode were very reminiscent of when Harry Potter has to return to Hogwarts after battling Death Eaters in the real world and deal with stupid charm spells in Flitwick's class ... if that makes any sense to anyone that is not a Harry Potter fan.

The full recap to come.

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