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Thursday, November 10, 2011

1.  TV Tonight! CBS leads forward with its Big Bang Theory charge! NBC offers new episodes of its Must See Thursday comedy block followed by a new Prime Suspect (watch this show people!). ABC says good bye for good to Brian Grazer and says good bye until January to Grey's Anatomy. USA Network airs a new Burn Notice!

2.  Casting News!  Following on yesterday's cacophony of Franklin &Bash news, it came out later in the day that everyone's favorite hobbit, Sean Astin, will also be guest starring on the summer show.

3.  Series Renewals! Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show, Anderson, has been renewed for a second season and its syndication audience will also grow. I am very happy for how Mr. Cooper's career has rebounded since the The Mole! 

4.  In follow-on to yesterday's Stupid People Say Stupid Things/Who Cares News, Brian Grazer has been announced as the Oscars' successor producer following Ratner's exit. Still no announcement on a replacement host following Eddie Murphy's resignation yesterday.

5.  Piers Morgan has announced that he is leaving America's Got Talent to focus on his nightly CNN show.  Good luck with that lemon Piers!

6.  In heartening ratings news, Terra Nova was up 24% week over week to a respectable 2.6 18-49 rating and 7.6 million viewers, easily beating The Sing-Off and Gossip GirlHarry's Law (watch this show people) was also up last night but its numbers are still so bad, I don't want to say them out loud.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Before we get to today's News, we here at On My DVR want to express our feelings of sadness at the passing of 90's icon Heavy D. Born Dwight Arrington Myers, Heavy D (and the Boyz) were known for their energetic rap tunes, including their biggest hit, Now that We Found Love. Heavy D had remained active in the new century in both music and television and had even recently performed on the BET Awards last month.  This has been a tough week with the celebrity passings.

1. TV Tonight! ABC goes country tonight with the CMA Awards. Yeeha ya'll!  FX has a new American Horror Story.  CBS kicks it with Survivor, Fox with X Factor and NBC has a new Harry's Law (watch this show) and that's about it folks. 

2.  Casting News!  TV Line is reporting that Nick Jonas is coming to Last Man Standing as a dead beat dad, good image casting Jonas Brother!  The Dallas reboot has added another popular TV face, Carlos Bernard (24) will be a recurring character.  Beauty indeed. LOST's Emilie de Ravin (f/k/a Claire) has been cast as Belle on ABC's Once Upon a Time! TV Line is reporting a bunch of Franklin & Bash casting news, including The Medicine Woman (Jane Seymour) is set to play Zach Morris's mom, Robocop (Peter Weller) is stopping by and Beau Bridges is making a return appearance. A bit of missed news from yesterday, Mimi Rogers (a whole young generation says in unison, "who?") has been cast as Ashton Kutcher's mom on Two and a Half Men.

3.  Like Kelly Ripa? I hope so because she just signed on to Live with ____ and Kelly through 2017!

4.  Who Cares Controversy News! Brett Ratner has stepped down as producer for the upcoming Oscar's ceremonies after he said "rehearsal is for fags" on the Howard Stern show. My question is, who is listening to Stern and picked that comment to be offended by so much that they ratted Ratner out?

5.  In more Golden Age of TV Reboot news, CBS has shown interest in developing a reboot of the Western, The Rifleman.  I am already asleep just thinking about it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1.  TV Tonight!!!  Big, new episodes from Glee (the sexisode!) and NCIS (beginning of a two parter -- I love NCIS two parters) tonight. Also, enjoy servings of New Girl and Covert Affairs (Auggie gets a girlfriend in a blow to Auggie/Annie shippers everywhere).

2.  Casting News! If you loved Disney's High School Musical, you just picked up a reason to watch Raising Hope's Valentines Day episode; Ashley Tisdale is coming to that little engine that could on Fox.  Glee has cast Trouty Mouth's parents and they are Tanya Clarke (Guiding Light) and John Schneider (Smallville). OMG, we are super psyched to learn that Larry Miller (squee!) has been cast to play Jimmy's Father-in-Law to be on NCISStill one of TV Watcher's favorite stand up routines ever!  Imagine the Church Lady skits; I hope this is true!  Wilmer Valderrama (Handy Manny, this is the only show I don't hate him in so deal with it) has been signed to guest star on Suburgatory as a sexy, spiritual guru.

3.  Season/Series Pick Ups! FX has granted Sons of Anarchy an additional 14th episode to wrap up its current season. Yeah for SOA fans! Starz! has granted Spartacus a third season ... two and a half months before the second season even debuts. Someone is worried about Boss's tanking ratings. Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) has got two commitments from NBC, one for a new drama following the exploits of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the cannibal psychopath that enjoys fava beans and a nice Chianti from the Harris novels and the other, a reboot of the 1960's classic The Munsters.

4.  TMZ is reporting that Kim Kardashian has forbid E! to document the details of her divorce. Don't bite that hand that has fed you for so long Kim or else no one might be there to film your next wedding sham!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Before we get started with today's news, On My DVR would like to send our condolences to Andy Rooney's family; he was a curmudgeon but he will be missed. RIP Mr. Rooney.

1.  TV Tonight! Terra Nova gets sent to the dark ages tonight on Fox; Two and a Half Men has Alan believing he's dead Charlie; How I Met Your Mother does topical Hurricane Irene humor; and Hawaii Five-O prepares to continue kicking Brian Williams' ass at Rock Center. Also, try and pick out TV Watcher in the stands during tonight's Monday Night Football game in Philadelphia (Eagles vs. the Chicago Bears). I'll be the one in the NY Giants jersey.

2.  Series Pickups!  Last week, ABC announced it was giving fulls seasons to Once Upon a Time (YAY!) and Last Man Standing (Huh?!?!). They also gave Happy Endings a full season order (other than a name which makes my inner teenager chuckle, I have no feelings on this show).  Pan Am was tapped for five more scripts (which is not a great confidence booster) but was not told they could begin production on them (definitely not a confidence booster).  Still no word from Fox on Terra Nova, who's fate grows more precarious every week without an announcement.  Hopefully ratings spike up after tonight's episode.

3.  Casting News! Gail O’Grady (Hellcats, for the three of you that watched that show) has signed on for a guest star role on Hawaii Five-O. Also in H5O news, Jax (from General Hospital, as played by Ingo Rademacher) is leaving Port Charles and heading to sunny Hawaii for a guest star stint.  I am generally pleased with how Five-O handles its guest stars so this should work out nice.  One of the two new comedies picked up by USA Network (the unnamed comedy) has tapped Nathan Lane (from everywhere), Cheyenne Jackson (Glee; 30 Rock) and Ken Jenkins (Scrubs; Cougar Town) to star. I am sold!

4.  In sad (to TV Watcher anyway) ratings news, while Fringe was up slightly from week over week, it was still the loser among the 4 main networks (not counting CW). Grimm still one its time period, even with a 14% slide, week over week.  Not too bad.

5.  I wish Roger could find it in himself to just hang it up and live out his years with his wife.  By hanging around, he's simply damaging his impressive legacy and contribution.  Sad.

Friday, November 4, 2011

1.  TV Tonight! Fringe returns to Fox (and Peter returns to Fringe!!); Grimm has its follow-up episode at NBC; and Supernatural is on over at CW. ABC has a two hour Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

2.  TV Sunday! NBC has football; Fox has cartoons; CBS has The Good Wife; and ABC has Once Upon a Time (YAY!); Desperate Housewives (eh); and Pan Am (watch this show!!!).  If you are otherwise bored, watch Mark Harmon star in an original USA Network movie, Certain Prey (9pm EST)

3.  Casting News.  Gary Busey is going to play himself as a mental patient on an upcoming episode of Two and a Half Men. Glad they are toning down the crazy.  The ever awesome Megan Mullally is joining Fox's little engine that was killed and then roared back to life comedy, Breaking In.  Love her!

3.  In the trend of "thought out" shows, Treme's co-creator is out and about saying he wants to end the show at the end of the fourth season. With the addition of True Blood's favorite bellboy ... well, honestly, we'll probably still not watch this show.

4.  ABC is going to air a 90-minute Lady Gaga Thanksgiving special on November 24 called, A Very Gaga Thanksgiving. I am not sure you need more information.

5.  We haven't been watching X Factor but this is a nail in the coffin. There is no bigger insult to performers who get it done in the dancing and singing live department than overhyping acts that can't do both.  Sorry Simon, this crosses an entirely arbitrary line for me.

6.  Jeopardy, the Penthouse Article Edition!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sorry for the no post yesterday, we were experiencing some technical difficulties.  Here is today's combined post (still not a whole lot of news)!

1.  TV Tonight!  USA continues the midseason premiere train with the return of Burn Notice for the remainder episodes of its split season!  X Factor sends one of the top 12 home over on Fox; CBS has a new Person of Interest and NBC has its normal Thursday night comedies (Community, Parks & Rec, The Office). 

2.  Reality Show Return Dates.  ABC announced its new bachelor (Ben Flajnik) will begin his search for STDs love on the January 2's premiere of The Bachelor, while the GTL gang returns to Seaside Heights for another season of treating STDs Jersey Shore on January 5.  In non-reality show news, CW will begin the final season of its grandpa "hit", One Tree Hill on January 11. 

3.  Save our Shows! Prime Suspect and Revenge were recently targeted by a TiVo study as shows that do not have a good time shifting rate and also have less than stellar ratings (though Revenge was up significantly this past week). People, these are good shows and you should be watching them!!!! You should also be watching Terra Nova, Person of Interest, Pan Am, Fringe, Harry's Law, New Girl and Community!

4.  In sad news, New Girl Zooey Deschanel and her husband Ben Gibbard (from the band, Death Cab For Cutie) have separated after 2 years of marriage. Good luck you guys!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holy November! Where did the year go!?!?  Also, slow news day!

1.  Season Premieres/TV Tonight!  The end of baseball continues to bring rewards.  USA's Covert Affairs returns tonight for the end of its season run (you have to love the USA Netowrk bifurcated season)!  Fox returns Glee (featuring the debut of The Glee Project's Damian McGinty) and New Girl! Last but certainly not least, Gibbs' and Fornell's shared ex-wife makes her long awaited appearance tonight on NCIS

2. Ratings!  After getting bumped around because of the World Series, Terra Nova seems to have lost any ratings mojo it had garnered through early October.  The sci-fi show pulled a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.3 million viewers (off 25% from its last airing 2 weeks ago).  But, it had company in so far as even juggernaut CBS had depressed numbers, with How I Met Your Mother off 5% an Two and a Half Men down 15% week over week. The biggest loser of the night though was Brian Williams' new show, Rock Center which pulled a 1.0 and only 4 million viewers ... for its premiere! Ouch!

3.  FX has ordered a second season of American Horror Story! TV Watcher is happy and disturbed all at the same time!

4.  We are not talking about the collapse of the Kardashian/Humpheries "marriage". If I was a guest at that sham, I'd be writing a formal demand of return letter for whatever gift I brought.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween to all the ghosts and ghouls out there!

1.  TV Tonight! Once you've finished trick or treating around the neighborhood, check in for tonight's lineup.  With baseball (finally) over, Terra Nova returns to Fox's lineup. NBC has a Halloween-ified Sing Off.  Freddy Krueger guest stars on CBS's Hawaii Five-O; NBC debuts Brian Williams' new news magazine show, Rock Center and FX is doing an American Horror Story marathon.  If you are very hardcore about the holiday, AMC is broadcasting the original, Halloween.

2.  Ratings news. Friday night's NBC premieres had a mixed bag as they went up against Fox's Game 7 of the World Series.  While Chuck debuted to an all time low (which is saying something for that show's ratings), Grimm debuted to a decent 6.5 million viewers and a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic (that's fairly comparable to Fringe's numbers so TV Watcher is looking forward to see how they do squared off against each other).

3.  Homey don't play that! According to, the Wayans' brothers are reportedly bringing back In Living Color as a special for Fox's upcoming 25th anniversary celebrations. If the ratings pan out, they are talking about returning it to the airwaves on a regular basis.  TV Watcher was a HUGE fan of In Living Color and would gladly welcome its return to TV!

4. is also reporting that CBS has bought the rights to adapt a beloved Israeli sitcom about the lighter side of divorce, Life Isn't Everything. CBS pretty much prints money at this point so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt on their purchase.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween Weekend!

1. Tonight's TV:   In scheduling news, the never-ending World Series bumps Fringe to next week.  TV Watcher will have to wait another week for Peter Bishop's return.  Elsewhere on the dial, Grimm has it's series premiere on NBC.  Given the terrific viewership that Once Upon a Time has already achieved, is there room for another fairy-tale based show?  Somehow, I think this might be another NBC mis-step.  See #3 below, although I think TV Watcher will disagree with me.

2.  Project Runway crowned a winner last night Wait, is crowned the right terminology for this show?  I've never seen it, please correct me in the comments!

3.  At NBC, they must try so hard to come up with terrible programming.  And even when they find something good, they kill it (Sing-Off  as a two-hour show, c'mon people).  So, how horrible will Fashion Star be?  With Jessica Simpson and Nicole Ritchie, you couldn't get me to go near that thing for anything.  Unless it's cash (yes, I can be bought...).

4.  Must be the tiger blood!  FX has picked up Charlie Sheen's Anger Management.  A lot of people will check out the premiere and no one will watch the rest of the season.  Who's with me?

5.  Ratings!  Other than Fox (which likely took the top spot thanks to the World Series), CBS rocked with total viewers and in the demos (although ABC came pretty close there).  Despite the strong showing, most of the CBS shows were down across the board.  In positive news for NBC, the Peacock network came in ahead of Univision this week.  Yay.

6.  On a self-promotional note, OMD is introducing a new weekly column, check out my weekly Sound Off column. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  You can bet we will be spending it catching on on last week's TV!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Its a slow news day today ...

1.  Casting News! Jonathan Groff is returning to Glee in his role as Jesse St. James.  Christina Milian (a "singer" that referenes her name in her songs, I think) is joining NBC's The Voice for its second season. She will be a backstage ... person of sorts. Gilbert Gottferied (the voice of the bird on Cyberchase; former AFLAC duck; the bird in Disney's Aladdin - what is with him and the fowl?) is coming to Law & Order: SVU for a maybe recurring role as an IT guy. ooook. Jennifer Coolidge is joining 2 Broke Girls.  Cougar Town is bring back most of the Scrubs cast for some overlapping reunion scenes.  Each of Zach Braff (JD), Robert Maschio (The Todd!), Sarah Chalke (Elliot), Ken Jenkins (Dr. Kelso) and Sam Lloyd (Ted) will join series regular Christa Miller (who played Jordan on Scrubs) and Scrubs and Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence (also Miller's husband) at some point during the season.  Richard Schiff (the awesome Toby from the awesome West Wing) will join Once Upon a Time as Snow White's dad. LOVE IT!

2.  TV Tonight!  The World Series makes up last night's rainout with Game 6 tonight.  Beavis and Butthead return to MTV at 10pm.  ABC has It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Lifetime has Project Runway's finale. NBC has Halloween episodes from Community, Parks and Rec and The Office.  CBS and ABC ramp up the drama with newepisodes of Person of Interest and Grey's Anatomy!

3.  Actor/Comedian Patrice O'Neal suffered a stroke sometime last week.  Mainstream TV viewers will know him as the warehouse worker that Kelly would refer to as "walrus" from time to time.  Patrice was also part of last month's Roast of Charlie Sheen and was a regular on the Opie and Anthony Morning Show (airing on Sirius/XM). We wish him the best for a speedy recovery. Patrice is one funny dude.

4.  PBS is kicking off the iDocumentaries on the life and times of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple who recently passed away. The iDocumentary will air on November 2 and will be called, Steve Jobs — One Last Thing. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1.  Series PickUps and Renewals. A busy day for full season pick ups and series renewals.  CBS kicked off the action by picking up full seasons of freshmen dramas, Unforgettable and Person of Interest (TV Watcher is very happy). While only 2 episodes into season 2, AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for a season 3.  Yay Zombies!  Comedy Central has picked up its quirky series, Workaholics, for a third season (really didn't realize there had been a season 1 and 2?).  And rounding out the list, Showtime has renewed Homeland for a second season.

2.  Picking up on the DirecTV/Fox feud reported yesterday, Sons of Anarchy creator, Kurt Sutter, taped a message which aired before last night's episode of Sons in which he informed you that are getting f&*ked over by DirecTV. His words ya'll, not mine.

3.  The Associated press is reporting that 92 year old Andy Rooney has been hospitalized following complications stemming from surgery performed last week.  You'll remember that Mr. Rooney only just retired from grouching on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago. Feel better Andy!

4.  X Factor, is a desperate plea for attention and relevance, has announced that it will be the first competitive reality show to allow voting via Twitter.  The voting will be done through use of Twitter's direct message feature and not via rambling incoherent Tweets.

5.  Tonight's TV! ABC has a host of Halloween comedy episodes with The Middle, Suburgatory and Happy Endings offering fresh episodes (and a repeat of last year's Modern Family Halloween episode ... why didn't they shoot a new one?!?). They end the night with the Fourth of July episode of Revenge!!! Fox has game 1000 of the World Series. CBS has Survivor and FX airs an all new American Horror Story!

6.  Just a brief Ratings Update because this kind of news brings us pleasure, ABC's ill fated "Man Hour" featuring Last Man Standing and Man Up! TUMBLED in the ratings last night. By comparison, 9 year old NCIS pulled in just over 19 million viewers ... just another normal week for OMD fav, NCIS!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ratings! Overall, ABC won the night in total viewers, with just over 15 million, but CBS won in the demos. HIMYM was actually up last night, as were all of the other CBS comedies and H5-0. Reality programming took a hit, Dancing was down 6% and Sing-Off hit a series low. Poor old NBC, the only network behind it last night was CW. Even Univision bested NBC in the demos. Ouch. Seems like NBC is putting a lot of pressure on Brian Williams - will people tune in because they think Rock Center is a take off of 30 Rock? That'd be funny. Fun fact: If you've seen the promos for Rock Center, they were actually filmed in the elevators of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. I know those elevators well (I used to work in the building!).

1. CSI's showrunner has just sold 6 new shows, including 2 book adaptations on CW. I guess she wants to get some viewers who are under 55!

2. Could reality performance shows actually get longer? X Factor says yes. As if it doesn't occupy enough time on some people's DVRs, tonight outing will be two and a half hours long.

3. Casting News! Idol alum Crystal Bowersox (I've always thought she had a cool name) will guest star in a episode of Body of Proof (a show which does not occupy space on our DVRs here at OMD, but gets watched occasionally online or On Demand) playing an inmate convicted for assaulting her drug dealer.

4. Here we go again, DirecTV subscribers may lose their Fox programming. Been there, done that. Let's see if they can come to an agreement faster than Cablevision did.

5. Charles is back in Charge! Scott Baio will star in a Nick at Nite original series called Daddy's Home as teenage hearts begin to flutter back in 1986.

Monday, October 24, 2011

**UPDATE** Since we are watching Once Upon a Time here at On My DVR, we wanted to post an update to the Morning News to let you know that the fairytale show had ABC's best series premiere numbers in the last two years, drawing a 3.9 demo rating in 18-49 category and over 12.7 million viewers.

1.  Tonight's TV! Game 5 of the World Series will occupy Fox, while CBS has its Monday night comedies and Hawaii Five-O and ABC has Dancing with the Stars.  For those that want some cable, A&E premieres a new reality show, Monster-in-Laws, at 10pm.  Watch people deal with unruly -in-laws and feel better about yourself!

2.  Casting News!  Its confirmed, Trouty Mouth is coming back to Glee. As previously reported, Chord Overstreet has been negotiating a deal to return to the ailing show for a multi-episode arc. That deal has now been signed. Aisha Tyler (Friends) is joining CBS's girl, gab fest, The Talk.   Mena Suvari (American Beauty) will play the Black Dahlia in an upcoming episode of American Horror Story.

3.  Shows in Development.  HBO has two shows in development from proven HBO winners; one is from Tom Hanks, called Players and the other is from Alan Ball, called Wichita. Hanks's Playtone company has previously produced hits for HBO such as Big Love and Band of Brothers and Alan Ball has Six Feet Under and True Blood to his credit. Like Jimmy Fallon and his sense of humor? Well NBC sure does; they are currently looking at three new shows from Fallon's production company. More as details surface.

4.  Gooooooaaaaalll! We are not the biggest sports fans here at On My DVR but figured we should tell you that Fox and Telemundo have secured the English and Spanish, respectively, broadcasting rights from FIFA for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup airings in the United States.  The deal has cost Fox $425 million and Telemundo $600 million.

5.  This is just about the coolest thing TV Watcher has ever heard.  Breakfast Club is one of those movies that holds a place in the collective consciousness of a generation.  Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Friday, October 21, 2011

1.  Series Premiere. Kelsey Grammer's new show, Boss, premieres tonight on Starz.  We don't subscribe to Starz and won't begin to just to watch Frasier but this show does look pretty good.  ONCE UPON A TIME STARTS SUNDAY!!! Don't miss this show, its going to blow you away. Check out the first nine minutes here. TV Watcher will be following the fairytale action here at On My DVR! Please note that with the start of Once Upon a Time, ABC's aging reality series, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition moves to its new timeslot tonight!

2.  Casting News.  Looks like Susan Lucci is set to join crazy Kim Delaney on Lifetime's long running series, Army Wives. Long live Erica Kane bitches! One of TV Watcher's favorite, "Hey, Its that Guy" actors, Titus Welliver, is set to guest star on CBS's juggernaut CSI, playing a bad guy. This is shocking giving Welliver previous roles which incude the evil "Man in Black" from LOST and a horseman of the apocalypse on Supernatural.

3.  New and Returning Shows!  As a Game of Thrones fan and nerd in general, TV Watcher is very excited at National Geographic Channel's new show, Knights of Mayhem, which follow a few dedicated modern knights as they try to launch the competitive sport of jousting!  Knights is set to begin airing on November 15.  NBC has announced a second season for the STD-laden summer turd, Love in the Wild.

4.  World Series News.  Cause TV Watcher doesn't much care about the World Series, especially when the Mets aren't playing, we'll fill you in on who is singing the National Anthem for the next three games:   Ronnie Dunn (of Brooks and Dunn fame) for Game 3, Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) for game 4 and Demi Lovato (currently heard on the radio moaning the song "Skyscraper," formerly a Disney darling).

5.  Oh, DiNozzo.  Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo on NCIS), is being sued for $80,000 stemming from a car crash he was involved in last year.  You better get Gibbs to talk to the plaintiff.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

1.  The answer is an easy, "No, its not worth it."  Bring back New Girl; and for those that watch them, stop screwing with Terra Nova and X Factor.  We're trying to enjoy your network Fox, don't make us hate you!

2.  Casting News! If you're into soaps and American Idol nostalgia, you'll love this first bit of news: The Young and the Restless has hired on former American Idol runner-up, Diana DeGarmo, to appear in a multi-episode arc beginning on Halloween.  Marissa Jaret Winokur is joining TV Land's Retired at 35. Fans of Hairspray, The  Musical rejoice! French Stewart (3rd Rock from the Sun; Allen Gregory) is joining Community.  With the Full House/Saved by the Bell casting news yesterday, this news officially makes this the Week of the Retread Star!

3.  Get ready to eat some more bugs and crawl through some more nasty muck for money ... Joe Rogan and his circus side show, Fear Factor, now have a return date of December 12.  Welcome back!

4.  Season Premiere.  You can tell by our low placement of this news that we're very excited by it. CBS (finally) debuts the 6th season of Rules of Engagement tonight (you'll remember that it was pulled from its scheduled Saturday death slot to fill in for the even more dead on arrival How to be a Gentleman).

5.  If you have nothing else to watch tonight, check out Charlie's Angels (what can it hurt now that its been cancelled) to see LOST's John Terry (Christian Shephard) guest star.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lots to get to today, lets do it!

1.  Hot Mess Alert!!!  If you had to pick a bunch of 1980/90's "stars" to revive their careers in a new, web-based series in the style of Curb Your Enthusiasm's faux-realism, who would you pick?  If you chose Full House's Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey) and Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner), as well as Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell) and Kato Kaelin (OJ's pesky houseguest), you would be dead-on.  This island of misfit toys will be starring a web-series entitled Can't get Arrested, scheduled to premiere at the end of the month. There will be an initial five episode run and can be viewed at Can’  This might be the greatest potential train wreck we have ever heard about and we are so excited at its news, we're doing a dance about it. 

2.  Show Renewals! A&E has picked up The Glades for third season.  We understand if you need a minute to catch your breath.

3.  As the season wears on, talking about ratings becomes a bit boring but since TV Watcher is attending bedside vigil over Terra Nova's cancellation watch, we feel an obligation to mention that its ratings were up 8% over last week, showing a 2.7 rating in the 18-49 demo and just shy of 8 million total viewers.  ABC and Fox together, chipped away nicely at CBS's normal Monday domination (Two and a Half Man, though still a juggernaut, has shed almost half its total viewers since its season premiere).  As for last night, a two hour X Factor led Fox to a sound win over CBS in the 18-49 demographic in a night that CBS normally has locked up tight. In happier news, Last Man Standing dropped 17% from its overly bloated series premiere numbers last week and no one really was interested in the premiere of Man Up!

4.  Casting News!  The Glee yo-yo continues with news that Chord Overstreet might be returning to McKinley High later this season.  Mandy Moore has signed on to a new ABC comedy slated to premiere next fall. I have enjoyed watching Ms. Moore on her various guest star roles (including a recurring role on Grey's Anatomy last season).  CSI has cast TV veteran Grant Show (last seen on Burn Notice) for a multi-episode arc as Marg Helgenberger' love interest.  Dr. Sloane (Eric Dane) is getting some love on Grey's Anatomy with the addition of Holley Fain (Gossip Girl) for a recurring role during November sweeps.

5.  If you need a break from TV, rejoice in the news that Anne Hathaway has joined the cast of the big screen adaption of the Les Miserables musical (joining Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe). News is that she'll play Fantine.

6.  A former staffer on The Hills is suing MTV, alleging, among other things, sexual harassment and forced drug use (They forced her to inhale? Is Bill Clinton her attorney?!?).  TV Watcher is going to countersue Ms. Eliza Sprout for aiding and abetting the infliction of that show on his mind and soul.

7.  Congratulations to Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU)and her husband, Peter Hermann, on the successful adoption of their second child (their third overall kid). Little Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann was born earlier this year. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1. On a serious, international note, Israel welcomes Gilad Shalit home, after being held in captivity by Hamas for the last 5 years.

2. Tonight's TV: All of your Tuesday night faves are new tonight, with the exception of the Fox shows which are still on hiatus till next month, so X Factor will be on in their place.

3. Sons of Anarchy has been renewed. I don't watch the show, but I'm sure that the people that do, are very happy.

4. Justin Long is set to play a love interest for Jess on The New Girl. As long as he doesn't ask to "supress the Jess", I think it should be a good fit.

5. In movie news, Hangover II is once again the subject of a lawsuit (no, not the smoking monkey this time!). A screenwriter is claiming that Warner Bros. stole his story about crazy experiences in Asia. Apparently, his ex-wife gave the story to the studio. Because he's the only person who ever went to Asia and had some wild experiences. If this was a legit claim, he'd probably have hired a lawyer, right?

Monday, October 17, 2011

1.  Cancellation Watch!! As reported on Friday and spread over the weekend, ABC has finally put the ax to Charlie's Angels.  Also cancelled, Memphis Beat, a cop show on TNT starring Jason Lee (looks like Earl will be looking for another job again ... unless he hits the lottery)

2.  Ratings! Friday's numbers are in and CBS won the night in both the 18-49 demographic and total viewers. A Gifted Man continued to lag behind the channel's subsequent night shows but still doubled the total viewers of its Fox competition, Kitchen Nightmares (though Nightmares did score a tenth higher in the 18-49 category).  Fringe dropped a tenth of a point in the 18-49 category week over week and pulled a total of 3.1 million viewers. By comparison, CSI: NY had 10 million viewers and a repeat of Modern Family pulled 3.6 million.  Oh  Fringe, where are your fans? (They're DVRing the show is where they are).

3.  Casting News.  June Raphael (currently on Adult Swim's NTSF:SD:SUV) will join New Girl as Jess's lesbian friend who is also an Ob/Gyn (oh the jokes write themselves). is reporting that SNL's Taran Killam will do a one episode gig on Community as a choir director for the Christmas episode.  LOST fans listen up! Alan Dale (f/k/a Charles Widmore on LOST) is coming to another Island (this time, Manhattan) for a one episode appearance on Person of Interest. Start watching this show if you're not already.  Dale will also be appearing on Once Upon a Time (which premieres this coming Sunday). 

4.  George Lopez reports that he is developing a family sitcom wherein he'll play a dad and husband. George, to be honest, this sounds ... familiar to us?

5.  See what happens when you take on bullies Sesame Street ...

Friday, October 14, 2011

1.  Season Premiere! If you're into the zombie crazy, take heart, AMC's Walking Dead premiere's its second season this Sunday.

2.  Series PickUps! Almost as much as watching crappy shows get cancelled is watching good shows get picked up for full seasons. ABC came through last night with full season commitments for Revenge and Suburgatory!  The channel also ordered an additional six episodes of Happy Endings. In other news, remember that long awaited Glee spinoff?  Turns out, its not a spinoff but rather, a comedy and NBC bought the rights yesterday.  Allegedly, the show will follow the travels of a pair of gay dads and a surrogate carrying their child.  Maybe its Rachel's Origin Story?

3.  Special Alert Stunt Casting! Joey McIntyre, the once baby faced crooner that's apart of that tween sensation New Kids on the Block (or NKOTB or NKOTBSB depending on how old you are), is guest starring on tonight's episode of CSI: NY.  Hangin' Tough indeed.

4.  In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Seth MacFarlane (of Family Guy fame) is hoping that fans allow him to end the show sooner rather than later so that he can start making periodic Family Guy movies. I'll watch Family Guy all night on Adult Swim but I can't see going to pay 11 bucks for a movie version.

5.  Fresh on its heels to make preschoolers feel bad about having enough to eat when their pretend muppet friends starve, Sesame Street is now joining the anti-bullying movement.  Its aim is to teach little kids the signs of bullying and that bullying is not cool.  Which is fine and admirable. The Street has chosen Big Bird to be the unfortunate victim of anti-bullying.  Sure, pick the giant yellow bird so kids can more easily identify with the victim's feelings. What if you don't like Big Bird; you might think he deserves it? Snuffaluffagus would have been a better choice; a foreign woolly mammoth with low-self esteem? A no-brainer.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

1.  Season Pickups!  The CW must have nothing in development because it has picked up for full season commitments, each of its new dramas. If you're keeping track (you're certainly not watching them), that's RingerHart of Dixie (WHAT?!?!?) and The Secret Circle.  Syfy has renewed Haven for a third season. This follows on previous news that Warehouse 13 and Alphas were also green lighted for additional seasons.  NBC has requested 6 more scriopts of Prime Suspect (same as they did for Harry's Law as reported yesterday) and HBO has picked up Boardwalk Empire for a season 3.

2.  Ratings.  Last Man Standing pulled in a decent premiere of 3.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 13 million viewers.  No one expects it to beat or even really challenge NCIS (and it didn't) but it was a better premiere than I thought.  I guess people miss the Tool Man.  In Wednesday nights early numbers, Modern Family continued to reign supreme with a 5.7 rating in the 18-49 demo. the surprise of the night was Revenge (TV Watcher is a fan!) was up 13% week over week.  X Factor didn't even make it on the screen, having been bumped by overrun, rain delayed baseball.   Poor Simon!

3.  If no one watches the shows in real time or on their DVRs, why would they direct stream them on Netflix? Anyway, If you're into self-flagellation, you can begin watching episodes of CW "hits" Ringer, Hart of Dixie, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, 90210, Supernatural, Nikita, and One Tree Hill on Netflix. Yay?!?

4.  Casting News. Ted Koppel has officially signed on to Brian Williams' new show for the Peacock network, Rock Center with Brian Williams. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1.  Ratings!   A total of 10 million people viewed at least part of Kim Kardashian's wedding (to NBA star Kris Humpheries) which aired on E! earlier this week. The End Times are nigh my friends. How I Met Your Mother is the lowest viewed show (still high compared to its competitors and high in terms of its demo) by a significant amount, compared to its comedy show colleagues airing after it on Monday night.  We are curious if this is reflective of declining Mother quality or more than surpassing interest in 2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly (nothing seems to be able to stop Two and a Half Men's dominance). Overruns in playoff baseball collapsed Terra Nova's viewership on Fox, falling .6 in the 18-49 demographic week over week and more than 1 million viewership drop.  Ouch!

2.  Series PickUps. While not an overtly ringing endorsement, NBC has still given a lifeline to fans of its Kathy Bates dramedy, Harry's Law.  NBC has ordered 6 additional episodes on top of the current 13 season order. As a fan of the show The TV Watcher is pleased.  We need more ... Tommy Jefferson on that show!  Jonah Hill, and some guy named Hannibal Buress, have signed a blind commitment deal with Fox for a sitcom (no other details are available). Mr. Hill is already airing his new animated show on Fox, Allen Gregory. 

3.  Casting News. News has leaked that the next edition of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice will feature former supermodel, Cheryl Tiegs, and race car driver, Marco (son of Michael, grandson of Mario) Andretti. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon have been cast to play Liberace and his younger lover, respectively, in an HBO biopic entitled, Behind the Candelabra.  A truly horrible title to be sure but its got some star power in front of the camera and Steven Soderbergh (directing) and Jerry Weintraub (executive producer) behind the scenes.  T.R. Knight (of Grey's Anatomy fame) return to TV tonight on NBC's Law & Order: SVU.  Meredith Monroe (Dawson's Creek) has been cast as a possibly recurring character on CW's clunker Hart of Dixie. 

4.  In sobering news (it'll be clever in a second), Dr. Drew Pinsky has left VH-1's hit show, Celebrity Rehab (see what I did there with the "sobering" news, *rim shot*).  Word is that VH-1 will not cancel the show but likely rework its spin and take a new doctor on board.

5.  Baby News! Congratulations to Tori (Spelling) and Dean (McDermott) on the birth of their child, a daughter named Hattie Margaret McDermott.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1.  Series Premiere. ABC debuts Tim Allen's triumphant (probably not so much) return to television tonight with the sure to be cancelled gem, Last Man Standing.  I hope there is at least some classic Tim Allen grunting.

2.  Casting News. Game of Thrones has announced the casting of the Wilding (and *Spoiler Alert* Jon Snow's love interest) Ygritte. The Wildling that's been kissed by fire will be played by Downtown Abbey's Rose Leslie.  The cast is enormous for Season 2 of Game of Thrones. Catch up on Season 1 now while you can!  Emma Caulfield (of Buffy the Vampire fame) is set to play the blind witch from the Hansel and Gretel fairytale in a one episode appearance on ABC's Once Upon a Time. TV watcher is soo looking forward to Once Upon a Time!

3.  In a ponderous decision, Fox has benched new episodes of New Girl until November 1. With the early rerun session of Glee starting tonight, it feels like Fox is surrendering its front line and regrouping at a fall back position.

4.  Normally, we'd wait for Monday's ratings to come out but with baseball preempting Fox last night, it'll be awhile before the numbers shale out and we see where Terra Nova landed, though there is no reason to expect any difference in the normal CBS route in total viewers and Dancing With the Stars scoring a large 18-49 win.

Monday, October 10, 2011

1. Cancellation Watch! The Fall TV season claims another victim, How to be a Gentleman has been axed and Rules of Engagement will fill its Thursday night slot (this follows on an announcement over the weekend that the show was swapping places with Rules which was set to premiere this coming weekend on Saturday night).  Another bad show down, another non-surprise.

2. Ratings!  Friday night numbers were relatively the same week over week, with CBS winning the overall night in total viewers and share of the 18-49 demographic. On Sunday, NBC's Football Night in America continued to spank all of the competition.  When we get down into the also rans, ABC's Desperate housewives continued to post series lows and Pan Am had a precipitous 27% drop off in week over week viewership in the 18-49 demographic (posting a lowly 1.9%).   CBS's numbers looked good though its hard to decipher what exactly happened at this point due to the half hour football overrun. We'll need to wait for final numbers to come out before reliable ratings are available.

3.   In some casting news TV Watcher somehow didn't realize, Kal Penn is signed on for 8 episodes of How I Met Your Mother as not only Robin's therapist but also, her love interest.  

4.  In news sure to please Standing Blogger, Netflix has abandoned plans to spinoff its DVD delivery business into a new venture called Quickster, instead opting to keep everything under the Netflix umbrella. The announcement had been poorly received by the public and Netflix's stock price had nosedived in the weeks following the announcement.

5.  The Simpsons has been officially renewed for two more seasons, bring it to at least (though probably its last) 25th season.  Eat my shorts, indeed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

1.  Cancellation Watch! Breaking news, CW has cancelled H8R! How the CW can tell its low-rated shows from its high, no one is quite sure. Sorry AC Slater, here's hoping they do another Saved by the Bell reunion movie in Hawaii.  In happier news, Fox has renewed So You Think You Can Dance for a 9th season! We love us some Cat Deeley! MasterChef was renewed also (Fox has a major thing for Chef Gordon ... F*^&%$ Donkehs!

2.  The news you have been waiting for ... remember when Sharon Osbourne took a leave of absence from her new talk show, The Talk? Yeah, we didn't either (we work during the day). It turns out it was have to leaky boob fixed.  Well, not so much fixed as have her implants removed. Hard hitting news here at On My DVR!!!  Try to get through your day without thinking of Sharon's old lady boobs now, I dare you!

3.  Ratings! Wednesday nights numbers are in and Fox (really, just X-Factor) won the overall night in the 18-49 demographic while CBS one the overall night in total viewers.  ABC's Modern Family was the single biggest winner pulling a 5.6 share of the 18-49 demo (though Criminal Minds had slightly more total viewers -- man, if old people ever become the lucrative demographic, CBS is UNTOUCHABLE!).  In the 10 pm slot, CSI well outpaced Revenge in total viewers but only had a .4 edge in the 18-49 demo. The TV Watcher thinks that Revenge might be the best new show of the fall that not a lot of people are watching.

4.  Negotiations with the voice actors continues over at The Simpsons. While the show's producers have agreed to the studio's requested paycuts, the actors are still at their proposal of 30% while the studio is stuck at requesting 45%.  I am hearing that people on the inside believe a deal will be reached but the question is, when? 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Before we get into the TV news, we here at On My DVR send our condolences to Steve Jobs' family. The world has lost an incredible visionary, he will be missed. While I don't have a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad, I do have an iPod and my very first computer was an Apple IIgs, but I don't believe you have to be an Apple connoisseur to realize what an impact he made on all of our lives.

Turning to your OMD news:

1. We are now fully entrenched in the fall season and there are no new shows on tonight. I will most likely watch Grey's tonight and I'm sure TV Watcher will be watching Person of Interest. How soon will How to be a Gentlemen be pulled? Keep watching here for the updated "Axed List".

2. Pick-up fever is spreading, after Fox ordered a full season of The New Girl and NBC followed with Up All Night, CBS picked up 2 Broke Girls, trying to prove that it has shows that cater to the under 40 crowd too!

3. Clear Eyes, Full comes the movie! Connie Britton has confirmed that the movie is in the works and Jason Katims is writing the script. I, for one, am a little torn about this. The ending was so perfect, will the movie mess it up?

4. In the wake of the demise of Playboy Club, Hef has declared that the show failed because it should have been on cable. Unfortunately, people who want to watch a 1960s era drama on cable watch Mad Men on AMC, which has better writing and better actors.

5. In the wake of their movies, it is rumored that Jason Sudekis and Kristin Wiig will be leaving SNL. Many talented comedians/actors have left the show to pursue bigger careers (i.e. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and many many more). If this proves to be true, they will be missed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1.  Series Premiere! America Horror Story (co-starring Connie Britton of Friday Night Lights fame, TEXAS FOREVER!) premieres tonight on FX. From the co-creators of Glee, this show has a lot of buzz but mixed reactions in the media. Let us know what you think.

2.  Series Cancel/Picked UP Watch.  By now, you've heard that The Playboy Club has been cancelled by NBC. In the same release, NBC announced that it had picked up Up All Night and Whitney for full season commitments.

3.  The studio that  produces the Simpsons (20th Century Fox) is demanding the show's voice actors take a 45 percent pay cut before discussions of renewing the show beyond its current 23rd season can begin.  With Free Agents sure to be cancelled, I hope for Hank Azaria's sake that the people involved resolve this situation quickly and amicably.

4.  I'm not sure why anyone listens to the rantings of a woman who is not convinced the world isn't flat. Shut up Sherri Shepherd.

5.  Normally, we'd wait for ratings to come out before posting the news but when it comes to Tuesday nights, does anyone think CBS didn't kick everyone's ass with the NCIS juggernaut? We didn't think so.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1.  Ratings News! CBS easily won the 18-49 rating demo Monday night with Two and a Half Men pulling down a 6.1 rating and 17.2 million viewers (How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly were all in the 4s range on the 18-49 demo; interestingly, 2 Broke Girls had more total viewers than How I Met Your Mother and Mike & Molly had more total viewers than both of them (13.2 million). Terra Nova's second week fall off was slight and retained a 3.0 share in the 18-49 category (tied with Dancing With the Stars, even though Dancing had twice the total viewers in the 8 pm hour). The Playboy Cub had an anemic 1.2 rating and only 3.3 million viewers.  That show has got to be the top of everyone's cancel watch. Sadly, CW's 2 shows (Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie only pulled 3.3 million viewers total so I guess Playboy Club can be happy about beating them?

2.  Sure, we'd regret saying we expect 20 million viewers too when only 12 million tune in.  Oh Simon.

3.  Casting News! Will Arnett is set to return to 30 Rock this season as Jack Donaghy's homosexual foil, Devon Banks.   Cheryl Ladd has been cast as Sarah's (played by Yvonne Strahovski) mom on Chuck (isn't that show ending its run this year -- they're still adding new characters?). As previously reported by On My DVR, Ladd has also been cast a love interest to Ducky on NCIS. Modern Family has booked Leslie Mann to appear as an attractive woman in a bar, who Cam tries to get the phone number of.  Ooookay.

4.  Perhaps Cookie Monster can share some of his obesity-causing cookies?  I love that Wal-Mart is sponsoring this special.

5.  In a special nerd moment of silence, Leonard Nimoy has attended his final Star Trek Convention. Live Long and Prosper you logical bastard!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The latecomers to the fall season are here and as other shows settle to their timeslots, we'll see which are the true greats and which actually kind of suck. So here we go:

1. Season premieres. I think we are finally done with the series premieres and most of the season premieres too, but for those of you who are still watching, the 8th season of House begins tonight on Fox (8pm). If you still care about House and his cane, enjoy. I used to like the show, now I enjoy watching the cast turn up on other shows (Cuddy and Taub on The Good Wife! Cameron on Once Upon A Time!).

2. Bret Michaels is developing a line of pet products. Really?!?! I hope I am not offending those of you with pets, but really? Being on Celebrity Apprentice wasn't enough? I haven't watch the show in a while, but wasn't it supposed to be about getting a job with Trump, a la Bill Rancic?

3. The cult favorite, Arrested Development will be making a return to television leading up to a movie. I tried to watch the DVDs from Netflix, but couldn't get into it. I'm sure I was missing something...

4. Ratings: Pan Am slipped a bit (it's OMD, but I haven't watched yet), and was down 19%, not great, but it beat CSI:Miami (insert David Caruso sunglasses joke here). Football ruled the ratings and the demos on both NBC (at least they get to win one night) and CBS. Most shows were down from their premieres, but that's to be expected.

5. In other news, congrats to Seth Rogen on his marriage to Lauren Miller. I bet that was an awesome wedding to be at!

Friday. September 30, 2011

1.  We're finally free of day (today or Sunday) with nothing premiering. So lets talk about ratings for a bit. While we wait for Thursday night's overnights to come out, lets look back to Wednesday. NBC continues its campaign to be "the most major network that no one watches". The Peacock was beat by Univision in the 18-49 demographic on Wednesday as no one tuned in to see Free Agents, and barely anyone in the coveted demo watched Up All Night, Harry's Law or Law & Order: SVU. Fox won the night in the 18-49 rating (which consisted solely of X Factor) and was neck and neck with CBS (led by Survivor, Criminal Minds and CSI) for total viewers (roughly 11.5 million a piece).  Suburgatory pulled a decent 3.3 rating in the 18-49 category and 9.8 million total viewers; not bad but not Modern Family numbers either (and, it'll go down next week)

2. Holy Shark Farts. Tina Fey was ranked as the highest paid actress on TV by Forbes Magazine (she tied with Eva Longoria at $13 million for the top spot). The 3 other main Desperate Housewives also made the top 10 list. Also included, Courteney Cox, Ellen Pompeo and Juliana Margulies.

3.  Casting News! Burn Notice has booked three "big" names for its second half season finale:  Dean Cain (Superman!), Eric Roberts (Julia's brother!) and Kristanna Loken (I think she was a female Terminator, maybe?!). Its going to be awesome!

4.  Series Pickup/Development News.  Due to decent ratings so far (which is sorely lacking at NBC this season), Parenthood's current season has been increased by 2 episodes to a total of 18. I know Standing Blogger has been a little disillusioned this season but perhaps more Bravermans is what she needs? Kandi Burruss, of the Real Housewives of Atlanta series on Bravo, has been given a spinoff "special" (I guess Bravo doesn't want to commit to a series yet?) wherein she will take young singers and try to make them stars. Yes, we need more songs like "Tardy for the Party" on the radio and in 'da club.  Fox has bought the rights to a new series focusing on the life of Wyatt Earp. TV Watcher is not much for Westerns but the show will feature Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as executive producers and TVW loves everything these guys touch (Fringe, Hawaii Five-O, the Star Trek movie reboot) so we're interested.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

1.  Season/Series Premieres.  Two dregs hit the airwaves tonight. First, CBS offers up the new comedy How to Be a Gentlemen starring the Kids In the Hall alum, Dave Foley, and the other Dillon Brother. Expect the ratings to start high, it is following Big Bang Theory after all.  ABC begins the fifth season of Private Practice. Addison should just move back to Seattle, for reals.

2.  Casting news!  Just in time for November sweeps, NCIS will (finally) introduce the ex-wife that Gibbs has in common with frenemy Agent Fornell, the red-headed Diane (to be played by Melinda McGraw, previously seen sleeping with Don Draper in Mad Men).  Modern Family has signed up Jennifer Tilly (Bride of Chucky -- isnt' there something to be proud of?) to play the girlfriend of returning guest star, Chazz Palminteri, established in Season as a friend of Jay's.  Debra Monk is set to return to Seattle Grace for one episode this November, reprising her role as George O'Malley's mother in the ABC hit, Grey's Anatomy. I remember breaking hearts during the "death of Geroge's father" storyline. 

3.  New Girl has been picked up for a full season; not a shocker. The season 1 episode total will be 24. Congrats to this great freshman comedy!

4.  Dane Cook is developing a sitcom for NBC. Why does NBC hate us?

5.  A federal appeals court has upheld Survivor Season 1 winner, Richard Hatch's nine-month prison sentence for violating the terms of his release (namely, settling his tax bill). I hope the court issued the opinion by snuffing out his tiki torch.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1.Series Premiere! We are definitely slow on new premieres this week but tonight, ABC debuts Suburgatory, a show that follows a girl from the city, transplanted into the 'Burbs by her (over?)protective father. Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) co-stars which might be reason enough to watch. The show's timeslot (between The Middle and the Modern Family juggernaut) will certainly help with initial viewers. ABC also has the season premiere of Happy Endings (if you're into that kind of thing).

2. Ratings News.  Week 2 Decline Watch continues.Fox one the night in the 18-49 demographic with Glee shedding 10% from its premiere and New Girl 9%.  CBS Tuesday nights continue to dominate in total viewers, led by the NCIS/NCIS: LA juggernauts.No one continues to watch  CW's shows.

3.  Andy Rooney has his last broadcast this weekend on 60 Minutes. Kudos to him for still being a live! This video is still my favorite thing Andy Rooney ever did.

4.  Fantasy Worlds Collide. Pam (Kritin Bauer), everyone's favorite vampire from True Blood is set to guest star on Once Upon a Time as Maleficent, the evil sorceress from “Sleeping Beauty." Awesome!

5.  Life Imitating Art. Apparently, Tom and Lynette's on-screen problems have been affecting the working relationship of Doug Savant and Felicity Huffman off screen.  Seriously? People, its only a show.

6.  Casting News. Glee has signed Grant Gustin to play a recurring gay wedge; a devious Warbler set to come between Blurt's Gay Unicorn romance. Hey, didn't Blaine leave the Warblers?  In LOST alumni news, Sonya Walger (Penny from LOST) has been hired on to play a witty, couples therapist in USA's new show, Common Law.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This week is sort of a moment of truth for the new shows. After counting its biggest audience ever, how will Two and Half Men fare now that "all has been revealed"? Will The New Girl continue to improve on Glee's audience? Is Terra Nova the next big TV event or the next Event? Let's get to it!

1. On Tonight. Since we're finally done with the premieres, here's what's new tonight: CBS has the NCIS pairing, plus TV Watcher's new fave, The Rememberererrrr. NBC has Biggest Loser and Parenthood. Over on Fox, its Glee, followed by The New Girl and Raising Hope. ABC has two hours of Dancing with the Stars and Body of Proof. CW pairs 90210 with Ringer. Man, that's a lot of shows going OMD tonight!

2. We forgot to add this to the news yesterday, but I learned on Sunday that Patrick Wilson is truly a Gifted Man. While I had no interest at all in the show, at the afternoon Yankee game, Wilson performed the National Anthem and totally rocked it. Too bad the Gifted Man isn't a music show...

3. EWWWWW! Did Nancy Grace have a wardrobe malfunction? I really don't want to watch that, so check out the video and let me know what you think. A NSFW (or keeping your stomach contents down) pic is included in the link.

4. Rob Schneider will be back on TV, makin' copies, no, not really. CBS picked up Schneider new comedy for a mid-season outing.

5. Ratings!  Catching up on the last few days of ratings action, here is where we ended up with Friday, Sunday and last night's shows.  A Gifted Man's 1.4 (with 9.3 million viewers) debuted well, especially against Kitchen Nightmare's 1.6 in the 18-49 range (but with just 3.8 million viewers).  Fringe racked up a 1.5 (with 3.5 million viewers) putting it squarely in the middle of the pack for its timeslot but up 25% from its season finale.  On Sunday night, Football ruled unquestionably.  Desperate Housewives's premiere was down a huge 28% from last Fall (in fact it was the show's lowest rated premiere ever). Pan Am scored a decent 3.1 rating in the 18-49 category and added viewers overall from the Desperate Housewives lead-in. All of CBS's shows were reflecting down in their premiere night ratings compared to last year, but a lot of that is being attributed to football overruns.  Final ratings are expected to see those numbers rise.  Last night, Terra Nova debuted with a 3.1 in the 18-49 category, down from what Fox had hoped I'm sure, but not surprising to The TV Watcher (its too sci-fi for broadcast TV viewers and too expensive for broadcast studios to keep paying for)CBS dominated the night with Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother and Mike & Molly all posting strong numbers (despite each of them having significant fall off from their season premiere's last week).  The Playboy Club shed 19% from last week's premiere, posting a weak 1.3 rating.  That show has definitely jumped to the top of the "First to be Cancelled Pile."

Monday, September 26, 2011

1.  Season/Series Premieres. As we enter week two, we have a lot less new shows returning and/or debuting.  The big hitter tonight is going to be on Fox with the dinosaurs-sized (sorry, couldn't help it) two-hour series premiere of Terra Nova.  CBS moves 2 Broke Girls into its regular timeslot right after How I Met Your Mother and Mike & Molly (Fresh off of Melissa McCarthy's Emmy win) debuts its second season after Two and Half Men concludes the second part of its two-part season premiere. CW kicks of the newest season of Gossip Girl (shouldn't it be Gossip Woman at this point?!?) and the series premiere of the, hopefully short-lived and horribly titled, Hart of Dixie.

2.  JJ Abrams and the creator of the CW hit Supernatural, Eric Kripke, have a pilot production deal with NBC to create a new show called Revolution. No other word is out yet on what the show will be about.

3.  The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors indeed. I am ready for more Game of Thrones.

4.  In an update going back to the late summer, former Biggest Loser fatestant, Sam Poueu, has been upgraded to stable condition.  Here's hoping to the continued speedy recovery.

5.  Not sure how much Martha someone needs in their every day, but I am sure there is someone DVRing the full 5 hours every day.

6.  I hope Kim Delaney gets help ... if she needs it ... though this video is pretty convincing.

Friday, September 23, 2011

1. Season/Series Premieres. CBS kicks off it's programming with the new Gifted Man at 8:00pm. This show has something to do with a guy seeing his dead wife, another show about talking to dead people? Been there, done that. The NY-based cop shows follow with the season openers of CSI:NY and Blue Bloods. Over on Fox, a new Kitchen Nightmares and Fringe (TV Watcher is jumping for joy) premiere at 8:00 and 9:00 respectively. That's it for your Friday night, but Sunday brings a whole new bounty:
CBS: Emmy Winner Amazing Race begins a new leg at 8, followed by The Good Wife (with Emmy Winner Julianna Marguilies) (noticing a trend?) in its new time slot and then the dreadful CSI:Miami.
NBC has football.
ABC: Extreme Makeover rebuilds someone's house and then Desperate Housewives begins its swansong. Let's hope this show really goes out with a bang. Good for Marc Cherry for knowing when to stop. At 10pm, Pan Am takes to the skies, for its inaugaral flight (sorry, cheesy and overdone!).
CW: Supernatural and Nikita (I don't have anything to say about these shows)

2. Ratings! CBS was the clear winner last night with Big Bang pulling in the best numbers of the night (9.6). X Factor was down slightly from its Wednesday night outing (8.3). The NBC comedies performed as usual, with The Office getting a slightly larger bump from those curious about a Michael Scott-less show and strangely, Whitney did well. Huh? I doubt that will continue next week. Charlie's Angels did better than I had expected, but was definitely not a break-out hit (not that we expected it to be one). TV Watcher really enjoyed Person of Interest and wished it had gotten better ratings, but 8.6 is not too shabby.

3. Sesame Street still influences my life.

4. HIMYM fans: The Slutty Pumpkin is Katie Holmes. This stunt casting could be polarizing, people either love her or hate her or hate her husband. Britney Spears seemed to work, so let's see how things go.

5. Kiefer Sutherland has new show on Fox premiering mid-Season. Jack Bauer returns to save the world, but this time with his 10 year old autistic son who can connect seemingly random events and actions throughout the world. Sounds a little odd and throw Tim Kring into the mix and I bet there will a map with lots of pins and strings...Heroes, anyone?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

1.  Season/Series Premieres! We're almost there people, stick with me. ABC kicks off the action with the series premiere of Charlie's Angels (yay Minka Kelly, sorry your show is going to fail) and ends the night with the two-hour season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. NBC ramps up its Must-See TV Thursday Night comedy block with season premieres of Community, Parks and Recreation and The Office.  It ends the night with the back to back series premieres of Whitney and Prime Suspect.  CBS offers a full hour of Big Bang Theory and the series premiere of Person of Interest. it ends the night with the season premiere of The Mentalist.

2.  Casting News. Charlie's Angels has an awesome new Charlie. Reports are surfacing that Victor Garber (who people remember from Alias but who I remember from Eli Stone!) is just about signed up to be the voice of the eponymous Charlie in the sure fire failure, Charlie's Angels (debuting tonight).  CCH Pounder (who people remember from The Shield but who I like on Warehouse 13) is set to play the warden of juvie center where Emily Thorne did time (while she was still known as Amanda Clarke).

3.  This has nothing to do with television but I like books and this is hysterical.

4.  Baby News. Congratulations to Emily Deschanel (from Bones) and David Hornsby (from How to Be a Gentleman) on the birth of their first son, Henry.

5.  Hands off my Shweddy Balls One Million Moms!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1.  Season/Series Premieres! Premiere week madness continues with the always fun Wednesday night lineups.  First, ABC kicks off the season premieres of The Middle and Modern Family, each with hour long helpings! it ends the night with the series premiere of Revenge (which looks decidedly unfunny).  Fox is launching its next reality show juggernaut, X Factor, with a two-hour premiere.  Welcome back Simon and Paula! CBS premieres new seasons of Criminal Minds and CSI (Original Flavor). NBC has Up All Night and Free Agents settling into their normal lead-off timeslots, followed by season premieres of Harry's Law and Law & Order: SVU.

2.  Ratings!  Overnights for Tuesday are in and New Girl was the big draw of the new shows with 10 million viewers and a winning 4.7 share in the 18-49 time slot (though Dancing With the Stars - Results and NCIS: LA had move overall viewers (i.e., old people)). CBS owned the overall night with strong numbers from NCIS, NCIS: LA and a decent start for Unforgettable. Interestingly, Glee was down 32% from its second season premiere a year ago.  That shows has a hill to climb to get back into people's good graces.

3.  For The Standing Blogger at least, the reasons to watch Prime Suspect just increased by one, former Friday Night Lights executive producer, Peter Berg, just signed on to play Maria Bello's love interest.  SB will watch at least that episode ...

4.  Metta World Peace (nee Ron Artest) was the first dancetestant thrown off Dancing With the Stars. Yeah, pretty sure it was the stupid name.

5.  I LOVE Gordon Ramsay. He's smart, he curses like a British sailor, his shows are fun and he clearly knows what he's talking about. Now, he's taking that winning combination to another arena; Fox has greenlighted another new Ramsay joint to be called Hotel Hell. If you have seen Kitchen Nightmares, you know what this show will be about ... except, you know, it'll be about hotels instead of restaurants. 

6.  this came out a couple of days ago but I forgot to mention it. If you were missing Chord Overstreet on Glee last night, no fears, the ousted actor will be headed to The Middle in this season's second episode as Brick's new teacher.  I can't wait to see Brick say "Trouty Mouth" under his breath.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1.  Season/Series Premieres.  Kickoff week continues with new shows debuting and favorite shows returning.  CBS offers up the ninth season premiere of NCIS; its little brother that could, NCIS: Los Angeles and finishes the night with the series premiere of Unforgettable (or the Remembererrrrrr as we call it here at OMD headquarters). NBC has the season 12 premiere of The Biggest Loser (no more Jillian? Then, no more TV Watcher!). Fox finally gets in the season premiere action with Glee and Raising Hope with the most anticipated comedy of the new season, The New Girl, nestled between them. Meanwhile ABC offers us the second season premiere of the Dana Delany vehicle, Body of Proof

2.  Ratings! TV by the Numbers has the early overnights in and the season premiere of Two and a Half Men, to no one's surprise, was the huge winner (28 million viewers with a 10.3 in the 18-49 category). In the  "somewhat of a surprise" category, The Playboy Club only pulled a 1.6 in the 18-49 category, shedding about 500K viewers from the already underwatched Sing Off premiere.  I fully expected The Playboy Club to be a flop but I thought a lot of people would tune in for the first episode.  In other news, CBS was the easy winner of the night (though the season premiere of Castle narrowly beat out the Hawaii Five-O premiere, which kicked ass BTW, in total viewers but with Hawaii Five-O taking a.1 lead in the 18-49 category). Dancing with the Stars pulled in about 18 million viewers for the premiere of the season of Chaz and no one continued to watch H8R or The Ringer.

3.  Fresh off her Emmy win, Melissa McCarthy is in talks to create a new show focusing around a woman going through a midlife crisis.  She's the new it girl so if she strikes while the Emmy is hot, she can't lose.

4.  Can't wait for tonight's premiere, catch this sit down TV Line did with NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg, here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A lot is going on today with premiere week kicking off in earnest and last night's Emmy's. So, Morning News is running a little longer than usual.

1. So the Emmy's were last night and they were satisfying ... for the most part. Standing Blogger will have the complete run down later today but the highlights (for me) were that (i) Julie Bowen and Ty Burell won for their respective supporting role in Modern Family; (ii) Kyle Chandler won for his final season of work on Friday Night Lights (TEXAS FOREVER!); (iii) Peter Dinklage won for his work on Game of Thrones as the loveable and hateable imp (imp is fun to say and write) Tyrion; (iv) Melissa McCarthy, in the most sincere feel good speech of the night, won for lead actress in a comedy for her work in Mike and Molly; (v)Julianna Margulies for lead actress on The Good Wife; (vi) Jim Parsons for Big Bang Theory; and (vii) Mad Men and Modern Family won for best drama and comedy, respectively.

2. Season/Series Premieres. We are loaded to bear this week as the real networks (sorry CW, but I just don't like you like that) role out their newest offerings. CBS kicks of their season with 2 new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, followed by the much anticipated ninth season premiere of Two and a Half Men (did you hear, Charlie Sheen's not the show anymore; I wonder what happened?!?), then the series premiere of 2 Broke Girls and ending the night with the sophomore season premiere of Hawaii Five-O. NBC serves up the debut of the now regular season program, The Sing-Off and ends the night with the series premiere of the sure to be milk toast Playboy Club (I'll be watching but I don't have high hopes). ABC will be spending the night trying to explain why we shouldn't be scared of Chaz Bono when it debuts its 13th installment of Dancing with the "Stars" (that should always be in quotations). I, personally, am waiting for Nancy Grace to sensationalize the whole show and spending an hour after the results explaining the dark, deep seeded reasons for why certain danctestants were thrown off. Castle premieres its fourth season after the dancing is over. Fox only has the finale of Hell's Kitchen, nothing new premiering.

3. Lion King (3-D) "roared" (sorry, I couldn't resist) to first place this weekend at the box office with $29.3 million. Its good to be the king ...

4. I'm pulling for Glee this season, this seems promising.

5. In case you had been holding your breath waiting for a disposition, Matthew Fox will not be charged beating up the bus lady. She probably worked for the Dharma Initiative and deserved it.

6. Aaron Sorkin broke his nose this week when he got too close to a mirror and head butted himself. For someone with his history, he should know to keep a rolled dollar bill- or straw-length distance from the mirror's surface.

Friday, September 16, 2011

1.  "Winning!"  Charlie Sheen trying to get a job/get his new show picked up.  He's making the rounds and trying to explain away his ridiculous(ly aweome) behavior.  On Leno last night (which I never watch, but thought this interview might be amusing), he made fun of Jay (which was great), but also said that he couldn't possibily explain where the whole Adonis DNA/Tiger blood thing came from.  Well, he's not going back to Men, so we'll see what comes next for Crazy Sheen.

2.  The Emmys are on this weekend.  Check back here for our take on Jane Lynch as host and whether the awardees were deserving (read: unless Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler and/or FNL takes home a trophy, they weren't!).

3.  As the TV Watcher just told me, two of my favorite summer USA shows were renewed.  Can't wait to see Drs. Lawson and Santino back in action!

4. As the real first week of the fall TV season nears, here are some excellent spoilers for HIMYM and Glee from our friends at EW and TV Guide.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

1.  Early Ratings!  its going to be a crowded scene on most nights and times this year and so I hope to follow along with the ratings news, at least when its interesting or compelling news.  Last night's series premiere of Up All Night basically retained all of AGT's finale audience but Free Agents shed about 1/3 of UAN's audience; probably doesn't bode well for the comedy.  I was delighted to see that no one watched H8R or ANTM.  Also, from a couple of days ago; even though Ringer gave CW some of its best ratings in years, it wasn't stellar and will get killed in its time slot by CBS domination.

2.  Season/Series Premieres Tonight.  The CW continues its premiere week with the new season of Vampire Diaries and the series premiere of The Secret Circle.  I know VD has developed a devoted following (I am not among them) but I am curious to see Secret Circle keeps the lead-in audience.

3.  Reality Show Winners! Big Brother and America's Got Talent crowned their respective winners last night. Rachel Reilly took home $500K for subjecting herself to the humiliation of being interviewed by Julie Chen on BB13 and  Eugene Murphy, Jr. won $1 million on AGT .. for sounding like Frank Sinatra (presumably Sr., not Jr.). Congrats to the winners .. I guess Summer is really over now, huh?

4.  If you were one of the few people that watched the DC edition of Real Housewives, you'll be relieved to know that Michaele Salahi isn't dead, she just ran off with the guitarist from Journey.  You don't appreciate the funny sentences you'll write until you start a blog.

5.  I can't turn down a LOST shout out, I just can't.  Alex Rousseau (I guess her real name is Tania Raymonde but I'll call her Alex) is doing an episode on Hawaii Five-O this season.  It will be great to see her back among the jungles of Hawaii!

6.  "Heeeeey".  The Fonz (nee, Henry Winkler) has been made an honorary member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (I'm an American so to me this  sounds like the name of Bill & Ted fan club) for his work as wacky guest stars and recurring characters on television, like in Arrested Development.  Seriously, its for his work with dyslexic children.  With news earlier this week of Ralph Malph getting cast as Emma Pilsbury's father on Glee this upcoming season, its been a pretty good week for Happy Days fans.

7.  Legen - wait for it - dary!
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1.  Season/Series Premieres Tonight:  Survivor's 23rd season begins and I can honestly say I know nothing about it (check out Random Acts of TV Watching for further notes).  Elsewhere on the dial, new shows H8R (8pm, the CW), Up All Night (10pm, NBC) and Free Agents (10:30pm, NBC) premiere.  Here at OMD, we will not be recapping any of them, but if you watch, let us know if we should be!

2.  Ryan Murphy is further expanding the cast of Glee.  Really?!!?  We've already heard that several sets of parents, including Mike Chang's, Emma Pillsbury and possible Brittany S. Pierce's, will be introduced.  But there have also been two casting notices, one for a new teen heartthrob and one for a football recruiter.  Not to mention the Glee Project winners and the two runners-up with mini arcs.  Slow down there, Ryan. 

3.  Losties/Trekkies, rejoice!  J.J. Abrams is set to direct Star Trek 2.

4.  Look out Alicia Florrick, Louis Canning (played brilliantly by Michael J. Fox) will be returning for multiple episodes this season.  If you are like the TV Watcher and had never seen the show until the recap last Sunday, start watching, this is one of the best shows out there.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1.  Season/Series Premieres Tonight: Parenthood kicks off its third season.  Check back for Standing Blogger's recap review later this week!  SMG returns to TV tonight playing twins in the new CW mystery drama, Ringer.  Last and maybe least, Season 4 of 90210 kicks off tonight before Ringer. You've been warned!

2.  NCIS Casting News! Cheryl Ladd, best known for her work on the original Charlie's Angels, is set to have a guest spot on NCIS this season as Ducky's girlfriend. Totally believable that a smokin' ex-model goes for Ducky. Must be his big ... brain.

3.  Kate Gosselin's reign of terror and televised abuse of her children (and nannies) has ended with last night's finale of [Formerly Jon &] Kate Plus 8.  I only mention it as a sign that we may have avoided the Apocalypse.  Though take fair warning readers, Kate has vowed to return to TV, with kids in tow.  And, we wait.

Monday, September 12, 2011

1.  The "boring" Emmy's were over the weekend.  Gwyneth Paltrow and Justin Timberlake won awards for guest starring on Glee and SNL hosting, respectively.  Deadliest Catch won for outstanding non-competition reality show (they totally played the dead sea Captain card).  I guess the Reelz Channel is airing a broadcast of the awards ceremony on September 17.  Count me in as holding my breath until then.

2.  Also taped over the weekend, the Charlie Sheen Roast.  I'm ashamed to admit that I'll be watching this On My DVR next Monday ... but I totally will.  If for no other reason, I think it'll be worth it to hear Kate Walsh utter these lines: "People don’t know this, but you are actually a great father.  In fact when Charlie’s last child was born, he not only cut the cord, he chopped it up and snorted it.” and “Admittedly, Charlie gets a little bit confused sometimes.  He is the only guy who pulls a knife on a woman who is already willing to (have sex with) him.”

3.  XFinity has an update on the bizarre circumstances surrounding former Biggest Loser fatestant Sam Poueu's fall from a building earlier this month.

4.  CBS has moved Rules of Engagement to Saturday nights?  Who'd they piss off at CBS corporate?

5.  This represents the soft opening week of the Fall season; OMD will give you daily reminders on any new or returning shows debuting each day over the next few weeks! Check back for updates.

Friday, September 9, 2011

1.  Well, at least they got great performances of Fat-Bottomed Girls and Big Ass Heart out of her time with the show.  Ashley Fink's role on the new season of Glee has reportedly been slashed to less than recurring character status. Puck had so little to do last year, what's he going to do now without Lauren Zizes around?

2.  The TV Watcher is a The Good Wife newbie but is studying up before the new season bows on the 25th. In interesting potential love triangle news, Lie To Me's Monica Raymund  joins The Good Wife as a recurring character working in the State's Attorney office and a possible wrench in the works of Cary/Kalinda shippers everywhere.

3.  Aaron Sorkin is returning to the small screen (not TV, its HBO) with a project revolving around a 24 hour cable news network.  The TV Watcher has been a long time fan of Sorkin's work, including being one of the 3 people to watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip so we are very excited to see how this new project works out.

4.  Last item today is about the 9/11 observation this weekend. As a New Yorker working downtown during that time, its tough to believe its been 10 years.  The TV Watcher thinks its important to remember that day, as to remember those that fell, to honor those first responders who ran into the devastation when any sane person would have run from it, and to appreciate the cost of freedom and liberty.  TV will be packed with wall to wall coverage this weekend, covering the 10 year anniversary from every angle imaginable so you'll have your pick on what to watch. The TV Watcher will not be watching.   Even 10 years later, the intangible wounds and memories still feel too fresh; the smells of the aftermath too harsh and the pain of those that lost someone, something, everything, too real and overwhelming.  However you choose to remember and observe, we hope you find peace and comfort and remember what it means to be an American.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

1.  Big news on the ice cream front, Ben and Jerry's (yum), is going to debut a new flavor - Schweddy Balls (based on SNL sketch).  I can hear the supermarket price check announcement now..."Can I get a price check on Ben and Jerry's Schweddy Balls?"

2.  TNT is going to the dogs, with a new show about a golden retreiver that solves crimes.  Sounds like an SNL sketch waiting to happen (who remembers Toonces the Driving Cat?).

3.  One of my favorite Biggest Loser contestants (the totally hot Sam), was seriously injured in a fall from a building.  So far, no details have been released, but our thoughts go out to Koli (Sam's cousin) and Stephanie (Sam's fiancee), both of whom were BL contestants.

4.  Even if you're like me and never tuned into a single episode of the Gosselin insanity, you have to check out Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist.  The silver fox hits the nail on the head with this one.  I just wish someone would hit Kate on the head too (thank goodness she's finally off the air) Here's the link:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1.  Forgot to mention this yesterday but Congratulations to Cheyenne Jackson who married his long time boyfriend, Monte Lapka, over the weekend, in the Hamptons. We here at OMD wish them the very best and hope to see Cheyenne back on Glee and 30 Rock soon.

2.  In other Glee-related news, Mike Chang has parents! And we'll meet them this season.  EW has the story here.

3.  Its official, Eddie Murphy is hosting the 2012 Oscars; I hope the Klumps make an appearance.

4.  In tangentially Glee-related news (same creators, does that count?), check out the newest teaser trailer for American Horror Story.

5.  He's already got the Office and Parks and Rec, if I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Greg Daniels for television gold.  Just based on the premise, as a curious Gentile, I'm in.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1.  In a rare bit of reality intruding into the "Reality TV" sphere, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returned to the small screen last night with a cold opening gathering of the Housewives (sans Taylor) acknowledging the Russell Armstrong suicide and their reactions to it.  I'll update with a link once one is available.

2.  Eddie Murphy might be hosting the Oscars this year ... did Billy Crystal do something to offend the Academy because I otherwise don't understand why he isn't still hosting?

3.  I honor of the coming presidential election season, 4 more years ... of Ellen Pompeo (and Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey)!!!