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OMD's "Watch" List

Here is our list of shows that we expect to be cancelled before the end of the season, we'll update as the season progresses:

Death watch (Likely to be cancelled)
Charlie's Angels (cancelled 10/14 after 4 episodes)
Free Agents (cancelled 10/6 after 2 episodes)
How To Be A Gentleman (cancelled after 2 episodes)
Playboy Club (cancelled 10/4/11 after 2 episodes)
H8R (cancelled 10/6 after 4 episodes)**
Last Man Standing (we assume this will be cancelled, see How to be a Gentleman)
Man Up (same as above.  It seems like all shows with the word "Man" (but not "Men") are destined to get the ax.)

Short Stick (No Full-Season Pick-up)
Terra Nova
Suburgatory (picked up for a full season!)
Gifted Man

One Hit Wonder (Cancelled after Season 1)
Whitney (we hope this show only airs for one year)

**Note: H8R was not originally on the watch list, because I think most CW shows belong there, but if other shows from this network are cancelled, we'll post it here anyway.