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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biggest Loser: Brett and Cara Who?

So, I admit it, I didn't watch a single episode of Biggest Loser this season. I had been a faithful watcher ever since Season 7 (that was the one with Tara, right?). Anyway, I read some recaps this season, and while I had no idea what the contestants looked like, I certainly read plenty about their personalities, how much weight they lost and how they interacted with their trainers. So, last night, because there was nothing else on (and I was waiting until Glee was over to watch it on my DVR), I tuned into the Live Finale. As always, it was too long and mostly boring. The women overall were amazing, especially the 3 finalists. The sisters, Hannah and Olivia, looked amazing, although Deni, who won the at home prize, reminded me a little of how Rebecca looked in the finale of Season 8 - skeleton like. I get the thinking. Starve yourself, win the $100,000 at home prize, and then go back to looking normal again. I don't know if they'll show Deni in a Where Are They Now special down the road, but I'm guess she'll look better then she did last night. Anyway, getting to the point of this post, they announced last night that Anna Kournikova was going to be the new trainer. So, please tell me, what was the point of bringing in Brett and Cara for this season? After everything I read about the show, I am very glad that they will not be continuing as trainers. I wonder if she's a good choice? Anna strikes me as nice, a bit like Bob. Is she capable of opening up a can of whoop-ass on the contestants like Jillian or is Bob going to try to be a little meaner next season (think Rnady Jackson trying to be mean like Simon Cowell - which I don't think worked very well). Somehow, I don't see a vein popping out of her forehead when she gets frustrated.

Either way, I will consider this season that just ended to be a blip on my radar and I'll resume watching in September and keeping you posted (hopefully there will be a "you" by then), when the show goes back to its normal, two-trainer arrangement.


  1. There is some sort of Anna Kournikova/computer virus joke to be made in here somewhere but I am not sure where.

  2. I just read that there will be another trainer, some guy who works with Justin Bieber and used to train Janet Jackson, who has been added to the roster of BL trainers. Does this mean there will be three teams this time? Do the Biebs and Janet Jackson make this guy a good trainer for the obese, I'm not quite sure...