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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts. FNL, You Will Be Missed

My first reaction after watching the series finale of Friday Nights Lights was WOW! My second reaction was, now that was the way you end a series. I'm not going to give you an official recap, because if you're a fan of the show and watched the finale, there's no need to give you a recap. If you're a fan, and you didn't watch the show, then all I have to say is, go watch it! It was the perfect finale. Loose ends were tied up, everyone moved on and there was an epilogue. Personally, when I read a book, I always hope that there is a good epilogue at the end. One that tells you where everyone wound up and doesn't leave anything dangling. So, I commend the writers for giving me exactly that in the finale. In the last segment, we learned that the Lions won state. Kudos again to the writers for not showing the end of the game but rather just the championship rings on Coach's and Vince's hands. Vince and Tinker both wound up on the Panthers super team, as did all of the Lions coaches, including Billy. Jess seems to have gotten a real coaching gig in Dallas, thanks to that call from Coach. Luke joined the Marines, leaving Becky crying at the bus depot holding his championship ring (that was the only really cheesy part that I wasn't totally thrilled with). Julie moved to Chicago, the assumption being that she transferred to a college there. Tim decided to stay in Texas and build his house, with Billy as his assistant. Since this was taking place 8 months later, I would have assumed that Billy and Mindy's twins would have been born, but I guess there wasn't time to address that. Either way, glad the final scene with the Riggins boys ended with "Texas Forever." Especially since the Taylors are now on the east coast. Tami beamed as she walked around the Braemore campus. Coach seemed to enjoy starting out the a new team. I liked the way he ended practice "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts..." pause "we'll get to that later". I would have liked to see their new house, but that's not really important.

I hope Buddy realized (maybe when that guy drilled the sign into the wall of the locker room) that it was his final early morning phone call to Eric that sent his straight to Philadelphia. Although cheesy, I'm glad that Luke decided to do something different with his life. I'm glad that the asshole Panther boosters realized that mistakes that they made, but I'm even happier that Eric turned them down. Speaking of which, can someone remind me what happened to the McCoy family? Did they get run out for town? It was nice to see Matt and Landry chat for a few minutes, adding a classic bit of levity to the episode. But mostly, I am glad that I had the opportunity to watch this amazing show for all five seasons (yes, I even watched season 2 and still stuck with it). Thank you to DirecTV for helping keep the show alive (even though I had to wait till it started on NBC to watch it), thank you to the writers for 5 seasons for amazing television that was unlike anything else on TV and thank you to the other FNL fans out there who helped keep the show alive. I cannot wait until the box set of all 5 seasons comes out on DVD. We will miss the Taylors and Dillon, Texas, but I am happy that they were around for as long as they were.

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