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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Your 30-Second Guide to the Fall Season's Newest Shows

Its September, Summer will soon be ending, the leaves will soon be turning, and the Standing Blogger and the TV Watcher will soon be getting comfortable in front of our televisions (or from our standing positons in the kitchen as the case may be).  There is some promise in the year's new helping and a lot of duds to be sure.  To help you sort through it all, On My DVR presents its first annual 30-Second Guide to the Fall TV Season. Enjoy!

2 Broke Girls (9/19 9:30pm CBS) (regular time slot is Mondays @8:30pm).
TW:  Pass. Whitney Who?  No Thanks. 
SB: Ditto.  As a general rule, I don’t watch anything with a number in the title.  Also, I’ve always been taught that any number under 10 should be spelled out, so this show bothers me already and it hasn’t even premiered yet.
Allen Gregory (10/30 TBA Fox).
TW: Pass.  Another Fox Sunday Night Cartoon?  I can’t even get to The Simpsons and Family Guy like I’d like to, so this’ll be a pass.
SB: Agreed.
American Horror Story (10/5 TBA FX).
TW: Watch!  I am giving the FNL Love to Connie Britton and even if Glee has fallen a step, I am willing to give Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk a chance on this story … as long as I don’t get nightmares.
SB: Not I.  I’ve heard the shows on FX are excellent, but I’ve never gotten into the others.
Charlie's Angels (9/22 8:00pm ABC). 
TW: Pass. Please forgive my mixed gambling metaphors, but I rolled the dice and came up a winner with the Hawaii Five-0 reboot, I am not going to double down on this Charlie’s Angels remake.
SB:  On the fence.  I’ve generally be happy about ABC shows and I like Minka Kelly (although I’ll have a hard time seeing her as anything but Lyla or the aide from Parenthood).  Keep your eyes peeled for a posting, I may blog this one occasionally.
Enlightened (10/10 TBA HBO).
TW: No idea what this show is about.  It stars Laura Dern, Luke Wilson and Diane Ladd and is a comedy about a woman picking up the pieces of her life after a meltdown.  A comedy in the HBO vain to be sure. I don’t know, I’ll see what people say about this before I invest time. 
SB:  We don’t get HBO anymore, so pass.
Free Agents (9/14 10:30pm NBC) (regular time slot is Wednesdays @8:30pm).
TW: Pass. Another new comedy I’ll be skipping.
SB: I’ve been a fan of Kathryn Hahn since Crossing Jordan, but not enough to make me want to watch.
A Gifted Man (9/23 8:00 CBS).
TW: Pass. Seems like the product of a Shonda Rhimes bowel movement, no thanks.
SB: Harsh, TV Watcher, very harsh.  But I have to agree.  It’s on Fridays, so I don’t think the network has much confidence in it either.
Grimm (10/21 TBA NBC).
TW: Watch! Crime Fighting against villainous Fairy Tale characters?!? Trippy but I’m in.  Looks like I will be blogging this or Once Upon a Time. For my own mental health and firm grasp on reality, I am not sure I should blog two shows about fairy tale characters.
SB: Out.  No interest whatsoever.
H8R (9/14 8:00pm CW).
TW: Pass. Contractually I cannot watch shows on the CW. This is no exception.  I kind of like the premise for the potential cringe factor but not enough to sit there an entire episode. I’ll catch up with this show through the Soup’s weekly analysis.  However, if I can get Eddie Cibrian and SB into the same room and have AC Slater mediate, I might become a beleiver.
SB: See 2 Broke Girls.
Hart of Dixie (9/26 9:00pm CW). 
TW: Pass. Honestly, the name ruined any interest in this show for me – it was too clever by half.
SB: On the one hand, Scott Porter is on this show.  On the other hand, its on the CW (see TW’s H8R “review”).  Unfortunately, the latter outweighs the former.
Hell on Wheels (11/6 TBA AMC).
TW: Pass.  Antebellum Western about a guy trying to work on the railroad expansion west BUT REALLY trying to hunt down his wife’s killers. Nothing here for me.  Moving on. 
SB:  Sorry, unless it’s Mad Men, I’m not watching AMC.
Homeland (10/2 TBA Showtime). 
TW: Pass.  I haven’t been tempted by any previous show to subscribe to Showtime, not going to start now.
SB:  Ditto.
How to Be a Gentleman (9/29 8:30pm CBS). 
TW: Pass. It’s a freshmen comedy so I’ll be saying no.  Hopefully, that was gentlemanly enough.  I know there are CBS fanatics out there that think having the other Dillon brother and Dave Foley is edgy. Its really, really not.
SB: Nah.  I vote that this be added to Ax Watch.  
I Hate My Teenage Daughter (11/23 TBA Fox). 
TW: Pass.  I love Jaime Pressly but this show looks like a train wreck.
SB: Another new comedy?  See all of the others. 
Last Man Standing (10/11 TBA ABC).  
TW: Pass.  I was over Tim Allen’s shtick years ago.  This and the other "Man" show will not be On My DVR this Fall.
SB:  I thought he retired?  No?  He should have! 
Man Up! (10/18 TBA ABC). 
TW: Pass. Another guys being guys comedy.  Please see Last Man Standing above.
SB: Ditto.
New Girl (9/20 9:00pm Fox).  
TW: Maybe. I might check this show out even though it’s a freshmen comedy – I am strangely drawn to Zooey Deschanel, I think it was her singing in Elf. 
SB: I’ll check out the premiere, but this one may be a keeper.  Liked her in 500 Days of Summer and I think the quirkiness factor of this show might be fun…
Once Upon a Time (10/23 TBA ABC). 
TW: Watch!  Fairy Tale Characters living in the burbs? Sure.  Also, love Ginnfer Goodwin (she was my favorite plural wife on Big Love) and Jennifer Morrison.  This or Grimm will get the TW’s blogging treatment.
SB:  TV Watcher, this one is all you! 
Pan Am (9/25 10:00pm ABC). 
TW: Watch!  Stewardesses! In the 60s! The Golden Age of Travel! Defunct Airlines (I hear the spin off will be called “Eastern Airlines” featuring 80’s grime and big hair)! What’s not to like about this show?  This will a blogged show from the TV Watcher.
SB: This will definitely be OMD, but I heard something about this being about spying stewardesses.  If this turns into some kind of thriller, it may be O(ff)MD.
Person of Interest (9/22 9pm CBS). 
TW: Watch! Ben Linus and Jesus – I’m In!!!!! JJ Abrams could attach his name to a toaster over and I’d watch it cook stuff, looking for the mysterious subplots. 
SB:  Never got into Lost, so no real draw here.  As for JJ Abrams, I started watching that show last year about the beautiful couple that were in the CIA or something, but that one got cancelled, so pass.
The Playboy Club (9/19 10:00pm NBC). 
TW: Maybe. I want to watch this show and I want to like it, but I feel like its going to be the loser of the 2 “Mad-Men-Lite” shows debuting on the networks this year. Pan Am FTW!  
SB: Eddie Cibrian is the star?  I think that’s an insult to Jon Hamm.  Not a chance.  
Prime Suspect (9/22 10:00pm NBC). 
TW: Pass.  I am hearing all sorts of buzz about how awesome Maria Bello is in this new drama from NBC (really a BBC import reboot) but detective shows aren’t really my thing.  I see the SB liking this one in the long run.
SB: Will not be anywhere OMD, but I could watch it if there’s nothing else on and it stays on the air.
Revenge (9/21 10:00pm ABC). 
TW: Maybe. I like the title and the buzz is pretty decent.  
SB: Nah.
Ringer (9/13 9:00pm CW).  
TW: Pass.  Despite my geek creds, SMG doesn’t float my boat and this show doesn’t appeal to me at all. 
SB:  CW again and I never watched Buffy.
The Secret Circle (9/15 9:00pm CW). 
TW: Pass.  Another CW show about more supernatural, occult-y stuff. My dance card is already filled CW, thanks for asking.
SB: See above.
Suburgatory (9/28 8:30pm ABC).  
TW: Watch! A reluctant watch. My wife will be watching this, so I’ll be watching too.
SB: I live in the suburbs and like it!  No thanks. 
Terra Nova (9/26 8:00pm Fox). 
TW: Watch! Dinosaurs! Steven Spielberg! Sci-Fi bent!!! I have this show early in my internal “first to get Axed” pool but I will be watching every minute as the train comes off the rails.  I’ll be blogging this until the (sure to be short-lived) end!
SB: I was never a Jurassic Park fan, so I doubt this one is for me.
Unforgettable (9/20 10:00pm CBS).  
TW: Pass. They should have kept this as “The Rememberererererer”; at least I could have made more fun of the title.  I know SB is mildly interested in this one.
SB: I liked Poppy Montgomery in Without a Trace and this falls into my procedurals wheelhouse, but we’ll see if it lasts.
Up All Night (9/14 10:00pm NBC) (Regular timeslot is Wednesdays @8:00pm).  
TW: Pass. I hear the addition of more Maya Rudolph will make this show better (which makes sense) but its too close to home for a father of a 3 year old.
SB: Ditto, I have an infant.  That would bother me the way L&O bothers lawyers and Greys/ER bothers doctors.
Whitney (9/22 9:30pm NBC). 
TW: Pass. File it under More New Comedies I wont be watching this year.
SB: One new comedy is enough for me. 
The X Factor (9/21 8:00pm Fox).  
TW: Watch! Its Simon Cowell, duh?!?!  That being said, there is no way I can watch 15 hours of this a week, it'll live  a life On MY DVR so I can fast forward often.
SB:  I don’t watch Idol or any other competition shows other than Biggest Loser so, pass.

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