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Monday, November 7, 2011

Afternoon News: November 7, 2011

Before we get started with today's news, On My DVR would like to send our condolences to Andy Rooney's family; he was a curmudgeon but he will be missed. RIP Mr. Rooney.

1.  TV Tonight! Terra Nova gets sent to the dark ages tonight on Fox; Two and a Half Men has Alan believing he's dead Charlie; How I Met Your Mother does topical Hurricane Irene humor; and Hawaii Five-O prepares to continue kicking Brian Williams' ass at Rock Center. Also, try and pick out TV Watcher in the stands during tonight's Monday Night Football game in Philadelphia (Eagles vs. the Chicago Bears). I'll be the one in the NY Giants jersey.

2.  Series Pickups!  Last week, ABC announced it was giving fulls seasons to Once Upon a Time (YAY!) and Last Man Standing (Huh?!?!). They also gave Happy Endings a full season order (other than a name which makes my inner teenager chuckle, I have no feelings on this show).  Pan Am was tapped for five more scripts (which is not a great confidence booster) but was not told they could begin production on them (definitely not a confidence booster).  Still no word from Fox on Terra Nova, who's fate grows more precarious every week without an announcement.  Hopefully ratings spike up after tonight's episode.

3.  Casting News! Gail O’Grady (Hellcats, for the three of you that watched that show) has signed on for a guest star role on Hawaii Five-O. Also in H5O news, Jax (from General Hospital, as played by Ingo Rademacher) is leaving Port Charles and heading to sunny Hawaii for a guest star stint.  I am generally pleased with how Five-O handles its guest stars so this should work out nice.  One of the two new comedies picked up by USA Network (the unnamed comedy) has tapped Nathan Lane (from everywhere), Cheyenne Jackson (Glee; 30 Rock) and Ken Jenkins (Scrubs; Cougar Town) to star. I am sold!

4.  In sad (to TV Watcher anyway) ratings news, while Fringe was up slightly from week over week, it was still the loser among the 4 main networks (not counting CW). Grimm still one its time period, even with a 14% slide, week over week.  Not too bad.

5.  I wish Roger could find it in himself to just hang it up and live out his years with his wife.  By hanging around, he's simply damaging his impressive legacy and contribution.  Sad.

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