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Monday, November 7, 2011

NCIS: The One Where We Finally Meet Diane...

Episode 907
"Devil's Triangle"

If you read my Glee post, you know that I am not one for blow-by-blow recaps, that's TV Watcher's department.  Since he's off to watch some football and NCIS returns tomorrow night, we wanted to make sure that you got at least a review of last week's show.  So, here goes!

A man who goes to get fast food at a drive-thru tries to lie about it to his wife and then gets shot in the neck by some sort of tranquilizer dart.  Title card.

In the bullpen, Ziva, Tony and McGee are discussing hair, that's right hair.  This produced two excellent lines.  First, Tony tells McGee that he's getting a "scalp yarmulke" - you know, where there's a patch of skin on the top?  Second, Ziva comments on that by saying, "at least you're not going gray" just as our favorite gray-haired former Marine walks up behind her.  Doh!  Anyway, Gibbs heads downstairs after a phone call and finds Fornell (yes!) at the coffee cart.  Turns out Diane (who married and divorced them both) has summoned them because she needs help.  It was her husband that was "shot"!  Okay, the investigations begins and at first everyone thinks that this was a set-up, while Mr. Diane is alive and well the whole time.  Especially when the icky guy on a segway, who hits on Ziva, shows Ziva and Tony the footage of Mr. Diane (I think his name is Vincent, but I'll stick with Mr. Diane) entering the facility.  Abby, with the help of her friend (whose name I don't know, but thought she was awesome on the CSI episode from ages ago when someone was murdered at a little people convention).  Anyway, turns out he stole a virus of some sort.  Oh, btw, Mr. Diane is a paper pusher for Homeland Security.  They eventually track him down and it turns out he wasn't in on it, but had been kidnapped and everything was set up to look like he was involved.  Even the sketchy things were cleared up, like why he had two million dollars (lift pinky to corner of mouth now) and why Diane went to the Caymans.  Turns out he's rich and doesn't like anyone to know and she cheated on Fornell because she's still in love with Gibbs, but her current hubby treats her well.

Anyway, Mr. Diane overheard the kidnappers talking while he was being held about doing something to an old phone system and turning it in to an intercom that records (or something like that) and heard them say to stay inside tomorrow.  The team looks into it and find out that the Armed Forces football game is likely the target.  Then they learn that the target must be smaller because they don't have that much of the virus.  They figure out that it must be the VIP box and Gibbs and Fornell head up there where they see two guys attaching some sort of compressor to something that must be part of the ventilation system.  They take out the guys and Surprise! one of the kidnappers is from Homeland Security.  TWIST!  He says something cryptic just before he dies.  Hmmm.

In the Gibbs cave, where the new project is a door, thoughts on that?  Diane comes down the stairs.  Interesting Gibbs-fact.  He started going down to the basement to get away from her.   She knows he never loved her like he loved Shannon, but he's her Shannon.  Not sure I like that so much.  It's kind of stalkery, no? 

Now that we're approaching November sweeps, does anyone else think that it's time to revisit our fake FBI agent and Phantom 8.  I'm sure it will be back at some point soon and this month sounds about right to me.  Be sure that we'll post about it if it does!

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  1. I think the gentiles call it a "friar tuck" but "skin yarmulke" is HYSTERICAL.

    Nice Dr. Evil reference SB!

    I would totally watch a Diane's Ex-Husband Club spin-off detective show. I did find Mr. Diane's overuse of "baby" to be creepy .. kind of like Slutty Pumpkin's use of "caress" in last week's how I Met Your Mother.