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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Morning News: November 9, 2011

Before we get to today's News, we here at On My DVR want to express our feelings of sadness at the passing of 90's icon Heavy D. Born Dwight Arrington Myers, Heavy D (and the Boyz) were known for their energetic rap tunes, including their biggest hit, Now that We Found Love. Heavy D had remained active in the new century in both music and television and had even recently performed on the BET Awards last month.  This has been a tough week with the celebrity passings.

1. TV Tonight! ABC goes country tonight with the CMA Awards. Yeeha ya'll!  FX has a new American Horror Story.  CBS kicks it with Survivor, Fox with X Factor and NBC has a new Harry's Law (watch this show) and that's about it folks. 

2.  Casting News!  TV Line is reporting that Nick Jonas is coming to Last Man Standing as a dead beat dad, good image casting Jonas Brother!  The Dallas reboot has added another popular TV face, Carlos Bernard (24) will be a recurring character.  Beauty indeed. LOST's Emilie de Ravin (f/k/a Claire) has been cast as Belle on ABC's Once Upon a Time! TV Line is reporting a bunch of Franklin & Bash casting news, including The Medicine Woman (Jane Seymour) is set to play Zach Morris's mom, Robocop (Peter Weller) is stopping by and Beau Bridges is making a return appearance. A bit of missed news from yesterday, Mimi Rogers (a whole young generation says in unison, "who?") has been cast as Ashton Kutcher's mom on Two and a Half Men.

3.  Like Kelly Ripa? I hope so because she just signed on to Live with ____ and Kelly through 2017!

4.  Who Cares Controversy News! Brett Ratner has stepped down as producer for the upcoming Oscar's ceremonies after he said "rehearsal is for fags" on the Howard Stern show. My question is, who is listening to Stern and picked that comment to be offended by so much that they ratted Ratner out?

5.  In more Golden Age of TV Reboot news, CBS has shown interest in developing a reboot of the Western, The Rifleman.  I am already asleep just thinking about it.

RIP Heavy D

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