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Friday, November 4, 2011

Glee: Pot O' Gold

Episode 304
"Pot O' Gold"

Straight off the bat, we meet newcomer Damian McGinty, (one of the) Glee Project winner.  As we've heard, since the show ended, Damian would be bunking down with OMD fave Brittany S. Pierce.  The show opens at Brit's locker with a conversation between Damian (but we now know him as Leprechaun Roy, but to keep things simple, let's just call him Lucky, who happens to be his cousin).  Anyway, when Lucky's hat gets knocked off his head by a hockey player (who now appear to rule the school after the football team is ousted, yes they're mean, but they are also hideous) and Brit marvels that they can see him, but obviously only because he wants to be seen.  Okay, okay, we know that Ms. Pierce is lacking in the brains department (and we love her for it), but who wants to be seen just to be bullied.  Hmmmm.  I digress.  Lucky has agreed to give Brittany her three wishes (isn't that what a genie in a lamp grants - or is it both of them?) and in return, Brittany has agreed to let Lucky get into her pot o' gold, which Lucky thinks is awesome.  Her first wish, a box full of Lucky Charms marshmallows and nothing else.  When we next see Lucky, he is working his magic with a whole box of the cereal on a desk and he is picking out the marshmallows, ah love.  Finn comes in and talks to Lucky. 

As I'm sure you've come to realize, TV Watcher and I have very different blogging styles and giving you the blow-by-blow of the episode isn't mine, so here are my thoughts on the episode, character by character, or couple by couple:

Rachel:  I am one of the few who like her, I think, but only because I think the writers make her out to be exactly who she should be.  There was very little Rachel in this episode, only when she freaked out about losing the musical (more on that later) did the true Berry-ness come out "what do you mean MY musical is cancelled".  Surprisingly, no one said anything about it not being her musical, but moving on...

Also mostly absent from this episode were Artie, Tina and Mike, except a few lines here and there, they were mostly quiet. 

Blaine: I thought he rocked the Katy Perry "Last Friday Night" cover and I was thrilled to go back to pop music, and I enjoyed the tension between him and Finn, although it mostly came from Finn.

Kurt: Also more in the background this time, but I did enjoy the eye-roll when Lucky went falsetto.  Uh-oh Kurt, you're not the only one.  And I thought his concern for his father's health was a very real moment when they discussed Burt's candidacy (more on that later too.).

Finn: Front and center in the episode.  First, he tried to hold the club together, suspected Santana of defecting, defended Lucky, insulted Brittany, apologized to Brittany, was ready to deck Blaine and showed some real emotion when Burt discussed the possibility of his taking over the tire shop.  Then, he gets Lucky to join New Directions and gets nervous when he hears the Troubletones (more on that later too) perform.

Quinn/Puck/Shelby: Quinn continued her quest to get Beth back by convincing Shelby to let her and Puck babysit for Beth (she does this by giving her concealer and telling her she needs a night out).  Once inside, Quinn plants all sorts of things that she read led to having babies taken away (botox, Mexican spice, baby sacrifice books) and then calls CPS but learns there's a waiting list.  Puck still has his pool cleaning business and Shelby tells her apartment manager about him and Puck gets the job.  Puck thanks her and tries to clean up what Quinn did, but I guess couldn't get rid of the books.  When playing the guitar calms Beth down, Shelby and Puck kiss.  Ewwwwww.  I knew it was coming, but still.  Ewwwwwww.

Burt/Sue/Schue:  Sue is still on a roll with her campaign and gets Figgins to cancel the musical.  But Schue goes to Burt and he gets the death crew of Lima to fund the musical.  When Sue tries to bully Burt he doesn't back down.  When Schue goes to him to talk to him about running against Sue, it turns out Burt is already looking into it.  Burt takes over Sue's Corner on the news and puts his candidacy out there.  In a very real conversation, Kurt, Burt, Carol and Finn discuss what it would mean if Burt won.  Sue realizes that she needs a new direction (heehee) and decides that her WWS (world war Sue) focus will remain on the arts but bring in special education needs.  Sue feels threatened, so much that she tries to kill Burt by getting to eat a "heart attack on a plate".

Brittany/Santana/Roy/Troubletones: Mercedes wants Santana and Brit to join her girl group.  To do this, Santana gets Roy to convince Brit to leave New Directions.  She does and Santana get all up in Sugar Motta's face and the horrible Sugar is finally relegated to the background.  They sound great in their first song, but doesn't a show choir need a certain amount of people to compete.  Will Quinn run Shelby out of town?  Does anyone know how many episodes Idina Menzel is in for?  Brittany finally realizes that Lucky is not actually a leprechaun (she thinks!) and now, we'll go back to calling him Roy (it was fun while it lasted).  Finn gets Roy to join New Directions (you knew that was coming, but I really didn't enjoy his song).

Next week is the sex episode!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Double gross on the Puck/Teacher Shelby kissing. That's definitiely going to be what leads to the reunification of the choir groups.

    I am totally ready for the Burt Hummel spinoff.

    Is there really a waiting list to be investigfated by CPS ... because that is horrifying if true!