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Friday, November 4, 2011

Standing Blogger's Weekly Sound-off

November 4, 2011

1.        GleeAs I mentioned in my review, I thought the leprechaun bit was cute and typical Brittany.  Now that she knows he’s not a leprechaun (and he’s apparently not getting anywhere near her pot o’ gold, especially since Brit and Santana are dating), will Roy continue to wear green?  At first I thought, no, that must have been just for the gimmick.  But then he sang “It’s not easy being green” and I started thinking that maybe they are going to keep it up for the season.  Oy.  What do you think?  Is Roy a golden boy in green, or has the green got to go?

2.       Pan Am – There’s something about Christina Ricci that bothers me and I can’t put my finger on it.  Maybe it’s the kewpie doll look, maybe it’s her psycho eyes, maybe it’s that she’ll always be Wednesday Addams in my mind, but whatever it is, I’m not in love with what she brings to the show and I have a feeling that Laura living with her will not amount to good things.

3.       Grimm and NBC – Driving to work this morning, I kept hearing the same commercial for Grimm, calling it Friday’s best show.  I mean, the bar is set pretty low on Friday night and CBS has been doing pretty well in the procedural arena there (with Blue Bloods at least).  Friday nights has also become home to more sci-fi/fantasy shows – Fringe, Supernatural and now Grimm.  Also, they are all at 9:00.  I am wondering if maybe sci-fi would be better served if NBC moved Grimm to another night, maybe swapping places with Brian Williams’ Rock Center, which has posted pretty dismal numbers so far anyway.

4.       FOX TV on Tuesday Nights – Hiatuses (Hiatii?) have been known to lead to the demise of shows (RIP Flash Forward) and as TV Watcher mentioned in Monday’s morning news, Terra Nova might be the World Series’ other casualty (the first being the Rangers).  Fox’s other new show has already been picked up for a full season and all of the Jess lovers were quite pleased.  But Wednesday morning’s numbers showed that the baseball driven hiatus was not ideal for the New Girl.  While still posting good numbers, there was a good drop-off too.  Glee often takes annoyingly long breaks in its run too, but this one seemed to come very early on, just as some seemed to think the show was getting its groove back, finally (I, for one, am not totally thrilled with the direction yet, but I’m willing to stick it out).  I thought Glee was sort of back on track, but the numbers weren’t great.  Obviously, this show is in no way on the bubble, but I believe that unless there is a major turnaround somewhere, the title of juggernaut has been lost forever (and not that I’m complaining, if anyone deserves that title, its NCIS.  The show consistently pulls in the best numbers and it’s in its NINTH SEASON!  If you’re not watching the show, start!).  

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