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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HIMYM: Ducky Tie

As I said last time, Victoria is not the Mother and that became clear last night. It was a cute episode, loved the "bang, bang bangity bang" song, have we heard that before? Robin seemed bored by the endless discussion about Lily's boobs and therefore kept going back to Ted for the rest of the Victoria story. But the end of the Victoria story was a little weird. Are we supposed to take from that that Robin is the mother (cause we know she isn't)? I can't see the show "breaking up" Ted and Barney again, so what gives? Sound off below!

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  1. I liked the episode too ... though I was frustrated by the end scene. So the show is going to go down a Robin/Ted/Barney thing again? Even if its just for a few episode arc, we've seen it before. If that's all they got, they should ahve ended the show this season and not drag it out another 36 episodes. BTW, Robin has better boobs than Lilly, that would have been a better storyline. Last, what did Cobie Smulders do to the show's hairdresser that he or she hates her so much -- why else make her hair look like that?!?!