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Thursday, September 1, 2011

What We'll Be Blogging ...

The Standing Blogger and the TV Watcher have had a restful Summer and are ready to come out swinging for the new Fall season.  Check out after the jump for the list of shows we're planning on covering for you this season.

The Standing Blogger (SB to her friends) will be tackling:

-NCIS, an olf favorite of both SB and the TV Watcher (we may even switch off on recaps). Gibbs and his team don't really give much love to this awesome show.  As it hits the ninth season running, OMD will be covering all of the action!

-The New Girl, the possible sleeper hit of the season.  We're hoping this show works out as its the only comedy that sounds like it has promise.

-Unforgettable, SB likes Poppy Montgomery so is hopeful about this one.  Expect lots of maknig fun of the shows name.

-CSI, of the NY or original flavor variety. SB likes her procedurals and these are classic favorites.

The TV Watcher will be watching and blogging:

- Once Upon a Time OR Grimm, to be sure he'll watching both but is worried he might lose his grip on reality if he blogs about 2 fairy tale shows.

- Pan Am, the more likely winner of the two 60's era shows debuting this Fall, TW misses the time when we could say Stewardesses instead of Flight Attendants.

-Person of Interest, JJ Abrams newest TW is hoping its more LOST and less Undercovers.

-Terra Nova, TW has this show first in his Cancellation Pool but is excited to try it out until the third airing when its axed.

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