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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Morning News: September 22, 2011

1.  Season/Series Premieres! We're almost there people, stick with me. ABC kicks off the action with the series premiere of Charlie's Angels (yay Minka Kelly, sorry your show is going to fail) and ends the night with the two-hour season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. NBC ramps up its Must-See TV Thursday Night comedy block with season premieres of Community, Parks and Recreation and The Office.  It ends the night with the back to back series premieres of Whitney and Prime Suspect.  CBS offers a full hour of Big Bang Theory and the series premiere of Person of Interest. it ends the night with the season premiere of The Mentalist.

2.  Casting News. Charlie's Angels has an awesome new Charlie. Reports are surfacing that Victor Garber (who people remember from Alias but who I remember from Eli Stone!) is just about signed up to be the voice of the eponymous Charlie in the sure fire failure, Charlie's Angels (debuting tonight).  CCH Pounder (who people remember from The Shield but who I like on Warehouse 13) is set to play the warden of juvie center where Emily Thorne did time (while she was still known as Amanda Clarke).

3.  This has nothing to do with television but I like books and this is hysterical.

4.  Baby News. Congratulations to Emily Deschanel (from Bones) and David Hornsby (from How to Be a Gentleman) on the birth of their first son, Henry.

5.  Hands off my Shweddy Balls One Million Moms!

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  1. Even the NYTimes has picked Prime Suspect over Charlie's Angels.