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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Revenge: Pilot

Episode 101

"This is not a story about forgiveness." No shit girlfriend. Emily Thorne (nee Amanda Clarke) is the super pissed off daughter of one, David Clarke; a wall street financier of some sort that was brought down in a frame-up some years ago when young Emily, er Amanda, was just a girl. The conspirators that brought him down and led to his going to prison are Conrad Grayson and his wife, Victoria Grayson (referred to by the up and coming Hamptonites as "Queen Victoria". Victoria was also, we learn, David Clarke's one true love.  Emily has grown up and returned to the Hamptons, clearly intent on punishing those responsible for her father's downfall.  Being horrible people in their own right, this really just requires some minor machinations on Emily's part, the Graysons seem to do the rest themselves (e.g., boning your wife's best friend in a hotel downtown and then having a heart attack like event which ultimately reveals your infidelity).    Along the way, we meet some additional characters, most notably, the oddball outcast Nolan Ross, who is the only one to recognize Amanda from her younger years (though he appears to be of a same age as her, its revealed in flashbacks that he must be a bit older), the Graysons' son, Daniel (more on him in a bit) and the son of the local barman, Jack Porter, who was about to set sail to be a do-gooder down in Haiti until he needed to sell his boat (named Amanda .. coincidence, I think not) in order to keep his dad's bar afloat. The show opens on Labor Day, where we learn Emily is now engaged to Daniel, who is then promptly shot on the beach ... by someone.  The rest of the episode is spent back at the beginning of the summer and follows through from Memorial Day weekend where Emily has just rented the house she stayed in as a child (which is just next door to the Graysons .. coincidence, I think not).

My gut reaction after the first few minutes was that this was going to be more CW summer fluff crap than quality drama but by the end of the episode, I was invested and I am looking forward to taking the ride through the summer in the Hamptons (both in the present and in Emily/Amanda's past).  Come join me here every week for a recap of the rider. Check back in a few days for the full recap of the episode.

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