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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HIMYM: Victoria, you are NOT the Mother!

I watched HIMYM last night and basically enjoyed both episodes, although I know a lot of other people didn't. My issue is with the whole Victoria thing. She cannot be the mother. Sorry folks. I've seen a lot of speculation on the blogs, but they are throwing another red herring at us. Among other things in the show's mythology we know that: (i) the mother was in the econ class that Ted mistook for his architecture class, (ii) she was Rachel Bilson's roommate, and (iii) Ted meets her at Barney's wedding. This has led to a lot of speculation that the mother is Barney's half-sister (the one that John Lithgow references at the dinner that Barney comes to...). If you take these three things we know, Victoria cannot be the mother. Oh well. Sound off below!

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