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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The New Girl

I stumbled upon the pilot episode of The New Girl on On Demand this weekend. I was a little surprised to find it there, but I thought, why not. So will I be watching and blogging this new show? It remains to be seen. We all know what it's about and watching the pilot is probably unnecessary. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) goes home to surprise her boyfriend, only to find out that he's with someone else. So, Jess finds a new apartment on Craigslist (btw, this apartment is awesome and strange at the same time -it has commercial looking stalls in the bathroom, not sure what that's about, but also, no one really has an apartment like that in Manhattan) and the three guys who live there interview her and ultimately decide to let her stay. So far, the guys are a little one-dimensional. Schmidt is a douche. No really, he is. And to prove it, he has to put money in the douche-bag jar every time he does something douche-y. Do you really have to hit us over the head? We get it. He's a douche with a heart of gold, as we'll see by the end of the episode. Then there's "Coach" - I don't think I caught his actual name - who yells to motivate and then there's the other guy, whose name I don't remember, but according to Fox is Nick, had a horrible break-up six months ago, which he still isn't over but claims he is and tends to put his hood over his head, which is going to become a gimmick. Oh and he's a bartender.

Moving on. After a week of watching Jess lie on the couch and watch Dirty Dancing, they get her to come out with them to find a rebound guy. Typical stuff happens, her attempts to pick up a guy are a little ridculous ("hey there sailor" said in an odd hands on hips pose) and mortifying (after seeming to score a date, she walks away from the guys with her skirt tucked in her waistband).

At the same time, Douche - sorry, I mean Schmidt - but henceforth to be known as DB for short (unless the writers decide to tone it down a bit) is trying to get an invite to some party which involves women dressed as cowboys or Native Americans or something. Apparently, DB works with all women who insult his clothing (huh?), so he needs to get in to this party to feel like a man again. The only person who can get him an invite is Nick's ex. DB's other non-roommate friends are also douches and he acts like an ultra DB around them, but that's for another post anyway. In the end, Nick's ex gets him in - Nick texted her. Okay...

Back to Jess, she is supposed to meet her "rebound guy" for a date, but he stands her up and as she is about to get thrown out of the restaurant, in come her three roommates/knights in "shining armor" to rescue her. They sing I've Had the Time of My Life and apparently DB knows all the words (that's the "heart of gold" bit). In the last scene, they are all together on the couch and DB is back to acting douche-y again.

So, it's a cute show. Very gimmicky, but cute. Hopefully, it will get more interesting, but I think I'll stick with it for another episode or two and see what happens. If it stays like this, I may drop it. Keep checking back to see what happens!

Enjoy the upcoming TV season!

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  1. Thanks for alerting me to the free preview of this show "On Demand". My only complaint is that now I have to wait a month before seeing another new episode. I very much enjoyed the singing and quirky-loveliness that is Ms. Deschanel. Not so much with the DB (and requisite jar). Also, it looks like the actor playing "Coach" will be replaced since "Happy Endings" inexplicably got picked up for another season and Damon Wayans, Jr will be otherwise occupied. Somehow I feel like the replacement actor (Lamorne Morris) won't be as strong (nor will he have the comedy pedigree).