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Monday, September 19, 2011

Morning News: September 19, 2011

A lot is going on today with premiere week kicking off in earnest and last night's Emmy's. So, Morning News is running a little longer than usual.

1. So the Emmy's were last night and they were satisfying ... for the most part. Standing Blogger will have the complete run down later today but the highlights (for me) were that (i) Julie Bowen and Ty Burell won for their respective supporting role in Modern Family; (ii) Kyle Chandler won for his final season of work on Friday Night Lights (TEXAS FOREVER!); (iii) Peter Dinklage won for his work on Game of Thrones as the loveable and hateable imp (imp is fun to say and write) Tyrion; (iv) Melissa McCarthy, in the most sincere feel good speech of the night, won for lead actress in a comedy for her work in Mike and Molly; (v)Julianna Margulies for lead actress on The Good Wife; (vi) Jim Parsons for Big Bang Theory; and (vii) Mad Men and Modern Family won for best drama and comedy, respectively.

2. Season/Series Premieres. We are loaded to bear this week as the real networks (sorry CW, but I just don't like you like that) role out their newest offerings. CBS kicks of their season with 2 new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, followed by the much anticipated ninth season premiere of Two and a Half Men (did you hear, Charlie Sheen's not the show anymore; I wonder what happened?!?), then the series premiere of 2 Broke Girls and ending the night with the sophomore season premiere of Hawaii Five-O. NBC serves up the debut of the now regular season program, The Sing-Off and ends the night with the series premiere of the sure to be milk toast Playboy Club (I'll be watching but I don't have high hopes). ABC will be spending the night trying to explain why we shouldn't be scared of Chaz Bono when it debuts its 13th installment of Dancing with the "Stars" (that should always be in quotations). I, personally, am waiting for Nancy Grace to sensationalize the whole show and spending an hour after the results explaining the dark, deep seeded reasons for why certain danctestants were thrown off. Castle premieres its fourth season after the dancing is over. Fox only has the finale of Hell's Kitchen, nothing new premiering.

3. Lion King (3-D) "roared" (sorry, I couldn't resist) to first place this weekend at the box office with $29.3 million. Its good to be the king ...

4. I'm pulling for Glee this season, this seems promising.

5. In case you had been holding your breath waiting for a disposition, Matthew Fox will not be charged beating up the bus lady. She probably worked for the Dharma Initiative and deserved it.

6. Aaron Sorkin broke his nose this week when he got too close to a mirror and head butted himself. For someone with his history, he should know to keep a rolled dollar bill- or straw-length distance from the mirror's surface.

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