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Friday, September 23, 2011

Parenthood: Hey, If You're Not Using That Baby...

Since my review was a little long last week, I'll try to sum things up by character/family, here we go:

This episode was pretty light on Zeek and Camille. As always, Zeek sticks his nose where it doesn't belong, bringing breakfast to Sarah and her "overnight guest" (more on that later) and then discussing Crosby's irresponsibility and why Zeek gave Adam's social security number to Crosby. Camille's reading was interrupted by Sarah seeking dating advice, but that's about it. More after the jump.

Adam decided to take the beverage job until Crosby got the lease on the Luncheonette, thanks to Adam's presentation with the landlord. Now, Adam and Crosby are in business, but Kristina doesn't know yet. Adam asked Crosby for some time to tell Kristina gently, but you know that this will come back to bite him in the ass. Kristina exhibited helicopter parenting at its best, by spying on him at school and then sending his teacher emails before ambushing her at school. When the teacher tells her that she needs to let go a little, Kristina asks for her home phone number, but she's just joking, well not really. Max is having a hard time, until Jabbar saves the day and his little friends think that Max is a genius.

Haddie (whose hair is still awful) and Alex meet with Julia about the charges against Alex. Haddie tries to get the charges dropped, but the parents of the guy (Matt) that Alex punched are pressing charges and pissed because Alex has a record, unbeknownst to Haddie. Haddie and Alex (Haddex? Alddie?) tell the Bravermans about the situation.

Amber seems happy in her new place, as awful as it (and her hair, thankfully covered by a cap) is. She also seems fine with her mom dating Mark, or Mr. Cyr, even though she had a crush on him. Sarah seems mostly happy with dating him, even though the age difference freaks her out.

Julia helps Zoe, the latte girl, stay in her apartment and then asks for her baby. Zoe says no.

That's basically it. A few questions:
Where is Drew? Dude has been MIA for the last two episodes. Joel and Sydney were barely in this episode and Jasmine was a no-show.

It seems as though the focus of this episode was the siblings and Max's mainstreaming. I get that with a large ensemble cast you can't have everyone front and center all of the time, so I hope that the others get some screentime next week.

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