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Monday, September 12, 2011

Morning News: September 12, 2011

1.  The "boring" Emmy's were over the weekend.  Gwyneth Paltrow and Justin Timberlake won awards for guest starring on Glee and SNL hosting, respectively.  Deadliest Catch won for outstanding non-competition reality show (they totally played the dead sea Captain card).  I guess the Reelz Channel is airing a broadcast of the awards ceremony on September 17.  Count me in as holding my breath until then.

2.  Also taped over the weekend, the Charlie Sheen Roast.  I'm ashamed to admit that I'll be watching this On My DVR next Monday ... but I totally will.  If for no other reason, I think it'll be worth it to hear Kate Walsh utter these lines: "People don’t know this, but you are actually a great father.  In fact when Charlie’s last child was born, he not only cut the cord, he chopped it up and snorted it.” and “Admittedly, Charlie gets a little bit confused sometimes.  He is the only guy who pulls a knife on a woman who is already willing to (have sex with) him.”

3.  XFinity has an update on the bizarre circumstances surrounding former Biggest Loser fatestant Sam Poueu's fall from a building earlier this month.

4.  CBS has moved Rules of Engagement to Saturday nights?  Who'd they piss off at CBS corporate?

5.  This represents the soft opening week of the Fall season; OMD will give you daily reminders on any new or returning shows debuting each day over the next few weeks! Check back for updates.

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