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Monday, September 26, 2011

Morning News: September 26, 2011

The news is kind of geek-heavy today ... sorry about that.

1.  Season/Series Premieres. As we enter week two, we have a lot less new shows returning and/or debuting.  The big hitter tonight is going to be on Fox with the dinosaurs-sized (sorry, couldn't help it) two-hour series premiere of Terra Nova.  CBS moves 2 Broke Girls into its regular timeslot right after How I Met Your Mother and Mike & Molly (Fresh off of Melissa McCarthy's Emmy win) debuts its second season after Two and Half Men concludes the second part of its two-part season premiere. CW kicks of the newest season of Gossip Girl (shouldn't it be Gossip Woman at this point?!?) and the series premiere of the, hopefully short-lived and horribly titled, Hart of Dixie.

2.  JJ Abrams and the creator of the CW hit Supernatural, Eric Kripke, have a pilot production deal with NBC to create a new show called Revolution. No other word is out yet on what the show will be about.

3.  The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors indeed. I am ready for more Game of Thrones.

4.  In an update going back to the late summer, former Biggest Loser fatestant, Sam Poueu, has been upgraded to stable condition.  Here's hoping to the continued speedy recovery.

5.  Not sure how much Martha someone needs in their every day, but I am sure there is someone DVRing the full 5 hours every day.

6.  I hope Kim Delaney gets help ... if she needs it ... though this video is pretty convincing.

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