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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glee: Asian F

I have to say to all those other bloggers out there, damn you for hyping this episode. I don't get it? I often read other TV blogs and usually agree with the writers, but on this one, I say BOOOO! This was a decent episode, but in line with the first two. Where are the big New Directions numbers? That's what I watch this show for! If you take a look at Wikipedia for the song list from the last 2 seasons, you can see how many songs were performed in each show and by which cast member/s. My two favorite episodes are the Pilot and Original Songs, why? Because there are some many songs in those episodes. "Fix You" was okay, but very boring and ND backing up Mr. Schue was a tiny part of the whole song, but I digress, here's a quick rundown of last night's epi, after the jump...

Kurt and Rachel handed out buttons to confused looking WMHS students when Brit comes by with Santana and clearly states the reasons she's running. Brittany thinks that is the president, but knows about double-dip recessions? Huh? This leads to a flashmob turned pep rally with Brit singing about girls ruling the world dressed as a cross between a cheerleader and an S&M dominatrix. This has Kurt the unicorn shitting rainbows and seeing his NYADA dreams go down the toilet with them.

Will discovers Emma's stash of bridal magazines and worries that he hasn't met her parents because he's not good enough. Bieste tells him that he's a catch, so he invites them over for dinner, sending Emma over the edge because they are in fact horrible people who call their daughter "freaky-deaky" and go to a country club that only accepts red heads. It seemed like the writers were call out racists, but honestly, it made me pretty uncomfortable and forced Emma to pray on her knees, because the acoustics were better, leading to the aforementioned "Fix You".

Tinker (sorry, I don't remember his Glee name - he will always be Tinker from FNL to me!), encourages Mercedes to act like a diva. So, Mercedes gets to sing more than usual in this episode, refuses to share the spotlight with Rachel, feels sick whenever she has to go to booty camp and then quits ND and decides to join Shelby's new glee club with the horrible Sugar Motta, so she can finally be a star.

Rachel realizes that even though she got the role of Maria, she's not that special and needs to also run for senior class president, against Kurt, forcing Finn to choose between them and wrecking her friendship with Kurt.

Now, the good part of the epi, was the focus on Mike Chang. The scenes between him and his parents were wonderful and I might have cried when he danced with his mom, but I was working out. His audition was great and it is always a pleasure to watch him perform, but this time we got to see him sing and dance, and he both sounded and looked great.

And now we're on break till November. Seriously, that sucks. Next month will bring some other changes with Santana apparently joining Mercedes and Sugar's glee club (but doesn't a show choir need a certain number of members - didn't Sue point that out to Schue in Season One? So it's not like this new club can compete), Quinn trying to prove that Shelby is unfit (I don't like this storyline) and Puck and Shelby sharing a moment (ick, please writers, let's not go there). What do you think about this episode and where this season is going? Do you miss the big group numbers as much as I do? Sound off below!


  1. I agree, the whole Ginger Supremacy/racist overtone/verbally and emotionally abusive to their daughter-storyline was very ... unsettling. It made me squirm. I think the Mike Chang storyline was the bright spot this episode. He's just a likeable character.

    I wish they had skipped the Mercedes/Rachel drama and just had her go to Shelby's group (does it ahve a name yet?) straight away. We knew that's what was goig to happen and I am over the Rachel/Mercedes diva-offs.

  2. Let me start by saying, the main reason I watch Glee is for the music. The first two episodes this season were making me wonder if I should continue to watch the rest of the season, because of the focus on showtunes. This episode the music was a little better with the beyonce song, but still heavy on the showtunes. And fix you is an ok song performed by Coldplay, and was okay performed by the Glee cast.

    I do agree that the good part of this episode was the Mike Chang story line. His character had never really been developed until this episode, however, I feel that they are shying away from other characters and not really following much of a storyline.

    The whole second glee club is kind of weird, although I hope this gives Mercedes some more of the spotlight and not so much on rachel.

  3. TWOP posted an excellent "fix" for Glee, which sums up the situation perfectly:

    Glee: Find Better Songs
    We like West Side Story in doses, but we don't really want to hear the entire soundtrack. Nor do we want to hear people sing/talk their way through the rest of Dreamgirls just so Mercedes can have something to do. This show has always had fun with pop music and classic rock, so we'd like a quick return to form with just the occasional show tune thrown in for good measure.