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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Morning News: October 26, 2011

1.  Series PickUps and Renewals. A busy day for full season pick ups and series renewals.  CBS kicked off the action by picking up full seasons of freshmen dramas, Unforgettable and Person of Interest (TV Watcher is very happy). While only 2 episodes into season 2, AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for a season 3.  Yay Zombies!  Comedy Central has picked up its quirky series, Workaholics, for a third season (really didn't realize there had been a season 1 and 2?).  And rounding out the list, Showtime has renewed Homeland for a second season.

2.  Picking up on the DirecTV/Fox feud reported yesterday, Sons of Anarchy creator, Kurt Sutter, taped a message which aired before last night's episode of Sons in which he informed you that are getting f&*ked over by DirecTV. His words ya'll, not mine.

3.  The Associated press is reporting that 92 year old Andy Rooney has been hospitalized following complications stemming from surgery performed last week.  You'll remember that Mr. Rooney only just retired from grouching on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago. Feel better Andy!

4.  X Factor, is a desperate plea for attention and relevance, has announced that it will be the first competitive reality show to allow voting via Twitter.  The voting will be done through use of Twitter's direct message feature and not via rambling incoherent Tweets.

5.  Tonight's TV! ABC has a host of Halloween comedy episodes with The Middle, Suburgatory and Happy Endings offering fresh episodes (and a repeat of last year's Modern Family Halloween episode ... why didn't they shoot a new one?!?). They end the night with the Fourth of July episode of Revenge!!! Fox has game 1000 of the World Series. CBS has Survivor and FX airs an all new American Horror Story!

6.  Just a brief Ratings Update because this kind of news brings us pleasure, ABC's ill fated "Man Hour" featuring Last Man Standing and Man Up! TUMBLED in the ratings last night. By comparison, 9 year old NCIS pulled in just over 19 million viewers ... just another normal week for OMD fav, NCIS!

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