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Friday, October 28, 2011

Standing Blogger's Weekly Sound-off

October 28, 2011

1.        Grey’s Anatomyokay, a few things have been seriously bugging me.  One, why oh why does “Created by Shona Rimes” now follow that title card and why is there random noise in the background.  We’re in the eighth season of this show.  We all know she created it.  So what gives?  Second, here at OMD, we’re all about continuity (that’s why we love that Barney continues to wear the ducky tie), so I don’t understand why last week Derek could still barely speak to Meredith, but this week, they’re all kissy-kissy in the hospital like its season 7?  C’mon people (I mean, Shonda), give us some indication that things have been good in the last however long it’s been since the previous episode.  And , finally speaking of continuity, because I watched the new episode last night, have we ever heard of Seattle Presbyterian before?  I mean, we know there have to be other hospitals in the Seattle area, but this week, Seattle Pres was all over the place.  First, as the other softball team and then where Zola was almost transferred.  Color me confused.

2.       Pan Am – People, please watch this show!!  It’s well-written, well-acted and everything about it is just gorgeous.  Sadly, no one else seems to be watching, other than me, TV Watcher and one of my friends!  So, I beg you to please watch on Sunday night at 10pm!  But, I also have something to say to the writers: Please give Kate a longer assignment.  I am finding her “undercover” assignments to be a bit formulaic.  Kate is approached by her handler who gives her an assignment.  Kate considers the assignment on the plane.  Once at her destination, Kate tries to complete the assignment, but something screws it up (Laura, an East German spy, etc.).  Eventually, she completes the mission and receives some sort of scolding from one of her handlers.  I think she could really use some kind of arc.  But what do I know?

3.       Desperate Housewives – has gotten, well, desperate.  Last week’s entire episode made me uncomfortable.  The scenes of Susan in her art class were painful and unwatchable.  Gabby and the PTA women made me cringe.  While Lynette and Tom’s therapy was also a little awkward, the scenes at the bar were fantastic.  It was the only part of the show that I actually enjoyed.  Too many people have brought up the fact that the Wisteria Lane ladies are hiding something and now it’s clear that Gabby’s dead stepfather is about to be unearthed.  I’ll keep watching because it’s nearing the end, but I’ll be keeping my finger very close to the fast-forward button.

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  1. I agree with you on all fronts, Standing Blogger. I've actually lost patience with Desperate Housewives all together and am no longer watching.

    Also, the same “Created by Shona Rimes” shows up on Private Practice. Not sure what's up with that. Maybe she's branding? Not sure why she waited until the story lines are stale to do that.

    Rest assured that your west coast fan base is also watching and enjoying Pan Am. Don't you think it's funny that Christina Ricci was their entire pitch, and she is the least compelling character? Honestly, I'm not sure I would care if a Russian spy wearing opera gloves threw her out of a 737.

    BTW, I would like to apply for the official title of your most loyal fan (save your mothers and maybe spouses). The time difference ensures that I can arrive at work each morning and get my OMD fix before the chaos ensues. Keep up the great work!