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Friday, October 7, 2011

Morning News: October 7, 2011

Generally slow news day as we coast into the weekend. here we go:

1.  Cancellation Watch! Breaking news, CW has cancelled H8R! How the CW can tell its low-rated shows from its high, no one is quite sure. Sorry AC Slater, here's hoping they do another Saved by the Bell reunion movie in Hawaii.  In happier news, Fox has renewed So You Think You Can Dance for a 9th season! We love us some Cat Deeley! MasterChef was renewed also (Fox has a major thing for Chef Gordon ... F*^&%$ Donkehs!

2.  The news you have been waiting for ... remember when Sharon Osbourne took a leave of absence from her new talk show, The Talk? Yeah, we didn't either (we work during the day). It turns out it was have to leaky boob fixed.  Well, not so much fixed as have her implants removed. Hard hitting news here at On My DVR!!!  Try to get through your day without thinking of Sharon's old lady boobs now, I dare you!

3.  Ratings! Wednesday nights numbers are in and Fox (really, just X-Factor) won the overall night in the 18-49 demographic while CBS one the overall night in total viewers.  ABC's Modern Family was the single biggest winner pulling a 5.6 share of the 18-49 demo (though Criminal Minds had slightly more total viewers -- man, if old people ever become the lucrative demographic, CBS is UNTOUCHABLE!).  In the 10 pm slot, CSI well outpaced Revenge in total viewers but only had a .4 edge in the 18-49 demo. The TV Watcher thinks that Revenge might be the best new show of the fall that not a lot of people are watching.

4.  Negotiations with the voice actors continues over at The Simpsons. While the show's producers have agreed to the studio's requested paycuts, the actors are still at their proposal of 30% while the studio is stuck at requesting 45%.  I am hearing that people on the inside believe a deal will be reached but the question is, when? 

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