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Friday, October 21, 2011

Morning News: October 21, 2011

1.  Series Premiere. Kelsey Grammer's new show, Boss, premieres tonight on Starz.  We don't subscribe to Starz and won't begin to just to watch Frasier but this show does look pretty good.  ONCE UPON A TIME STARTS SUNDAY!!! Don't miss this show, its going to blow you away. Check out the first nine minutes here. TV Watcher will be following the fairytale action here at On My DVR! Please note that with the start of Once Upon a Time, ABC's aging reality series, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition moves to its new timeslot tonight!

2.  Casting News.  Looks like Susan Lucci is set to join crazy Kim Delaney on Lifetime's long running series, Army Wives. Long live Erica Kane bitches! One of TV Watcher's favorite, "Hey, Its that Guy" actors, Titus Welliver, is set to guest star on CBS's juggernaut CSI, playing a bad guy. This is shocking giving Welliver previous roles which incude the evil "Man in Black" from LOST and a horseman of the apocalypse on Supernatural.

3.  New and Returning Shows!  As a Game of Thrones fan and nerd in general, TV Watcher is very excited at National Geographic Channel's new show, Knights of Mayhem, which follow a few dedicated modern knights as they try to launch the competitive sport of jousting!  Knights is set to begin airing on November 15.  NBC has announced a second season for the STD-laden summer turd, Love in the Wild.

4.  World Series News.  Cause TV Watcher doesn't much care about the World Series, especially when the Mets aren't playing, we'll fill you in on who is singing the National Anthem for the next three games:   Ronnie Dunn (of Brooks and Dunn fame) for Game 3, Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) for game 4 and Demi Lovato (currently heard on the radio moaning the song "Skyscraper," formerly a Disney darling).

5.  Oh, DiNozzo.  Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo on NCIS), is being sued for $80,000 stemming from a car crash he was involved in last year.  You better get Gibbs to talk to the plaintiff.

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