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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HIMYM: The one where Robin dates her therapist and Nora is 37 (yikes)!

Last night was a decent episode made even better by an awesome Friday Night Lights shout-out. When Garrison Cootes told Marshall that he will survive the end of the world because he has a bunker filled with canned goods and all five seasons of Friday Night Lights, Marshall responds "you can skip Season Two", which, as TV Watcher can attest to, I say all the time!! Anyway, as noted in yesterday's news Kal Penn is sticking around for an 8 episode arc and he and Robin kicked off their relationship after spending a whole week sitting side-by-side at a diner counter by deciding to finally go on a real date. Leading to the diner waitresses giving them a round of applause. Kudos to the casting directors for picking awesome diner-esqe waitresses.

The funny thing about this episode was it seemed like everyone had their own plot, so I couldn't decide what constituted the A-plot and what constituted the B-plot. Robin with Kevin, Ted and his field trip, Barney's Ewok/age issue and then Marshall and Lily's environmental/baby ears story. Of course there was overlap. Ted's field trip interrupted Robin and Kevin as they were about to get their swerve on (unsuccessfully). Ted's field trip went to Barney's office where Barney decided that Nora must be (gasp!) 37 (based solely on her dislike of the Ewoks).

So, here are the good and bad points from the episode:

--Lily insisting that their unborn child not hear anything bad - going to get really annoying. - Bad
--Ted's scruff - I'm on the fence. As long as it doesn't become a beard, it's okay. - Good/Bad
--Robin and Kevin - dating her therapist is definitely weird as the gang and Ted's class agree, but if Kal Penn sticks around, I'll be happy - Good.
--FNL reference - Good
--Learning that Marshall and Cootes save the planet - cheesy
--Discussion of Star Wars - Good (my husband is a huge fan, so we enjoy the references)
-- Ted and Barney using Ted's class to solve their debates (why didn't they just look up Edward James Olmos's real name online?) - Good.

What were your goods and bads of the episode?

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