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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Morning News: October 5, 2011

1. Series Premiere! America Horror Story (co-starring Connie Britton of Friday Night Lights fame, TEXAS FOREVER!) premieres tonight on FX. From the co-creators of Glee, this show has a lot of buzz but mixed reactions in the media. Let us know what you think.

2. Series Cancel/Picked Up Watch. By now, you've heard that The Playboy Club has been cancelled by NBC. In the same release, NBC announced that it had picked up Up All Night and Whitney for full season commitments.

3. The studio that produces the Simpsons (20th Century Fox) is demanding the show's voice actors take a 45 percent pay cut before discussions of renewing the show beyond its current 23rd season can begin. With Free Agents sure to be cancelled, I hope for Hank Azaria's sake that the people involved resolve this situation quickly and amicably.

4. I'm not sure why anyone listens to the rantings of a woman who is not convinced the world isn't flat. Shut up Sherri Shepherd.

5. Normally, we'd wait for ratings to come out before posting the news but when it comes to Tuesday nights, does anyone think CBS didn't kick everyone's ass with the NCIS juggernaut? We didn't think so.

6. Get well soon, Eddie Cibrian. The now out-of-work star of Playboy Club was injured on set when his foot got caught underneath a 200 pound steel door and was taken to a hospital.

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