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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Morning News: October 4, 2011

1.  Ratings News! CBS easily won the 18-49 rating demo Monday night with Two and a Half Men pulling down a 6.1 rating and 17.2 million viewers (How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly were all in the 4s range on the 18-49 demo; interestingly, 2 Broke Girls had more total viewers than How I Met Your Mother and Mike & Molly had more total viewers than both of them (13.2 million). Terra Nova's second week fall off was slight and retained a 3.0 share in the 18-49 category (tied with Dancing With the Stars, even though Dancing had twice the total viewers in the 8 pm hour). The Playboy Cub had an anemic 1.2 rating and only 3.3 million viewers.  That show has got to be the top of everyone's cancel watch. Sadly, CW's 2 shows (Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie only pulled 3.3 million viewers total so I guess Playboy Club can be happy about beating them?

2.  Sure, we'd regret saying we expect 20 million viewers too when only 12 million tune in.  Oh Simon.

3.  Casting News! Will Arnett is set to return to 30 Rock this season as Jack Donaghy's homosexual foil, Devon Banks.   Cheryl Ladd has been cast as Sarah's (played by Yvonne Strahovski) mom on Chuck (isn't that show ending its run this year -- they're still adding new characters?). As previously reported by On My DVR, Ladd has also been cast a love interest to Ducky on NCIS. Modern Family has booked Leslie Mann to appear as an attractive woman in a bar, who Cam tries to get the phone number of.  Ooookay.

4.  Perhaps Cookie Monster can share some of his obesity-causing cookies?  I love that Wal-Mart is sponsoring this special.

5.  In a special nerd moment of silence, Leonard Nimoy has attended his final Star Trek Convention. Live Long and Prosper you logical bastard!

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