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Friday, October 14, 2011

Morning News: October 14, 2011

1.  Season Premiere! If you're into the zombie crazy, take heart, AMC's Walking Dead premiere's its second season this Sunday.

2.  Series PickUps! Almost as much as watching crappy shows get cancelled is watching good shows get picked up for full seasons. ABC came through last night with full season commitments for Revenge and Suburgatory!  The channel also ordered an additional six episodes of Happy Endings. In other news, remember that long awaited Glee spinoff?  Turns out, its not a spinoff but rather, a comedy and NBC bought the rights yesterday.  Allegedly, the show will follow the travels of a pair of gay dads and a surrogate carrying their child.  Maybe its Rachel's Origin Story?

3.  Special Alert Stunt Casting! Joey McIntyre, the once baby faced crooner that's apart of that tween sensation New Kids on the Block (or NKOTB or NKOTBSB depending on how old you are), is guest starring on tonight's episode of CSI: NY.  Hangin' Tough indeed.

4.  In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Seth MacFarlane (of Family Guy fame) is hoping that fans allow him to end the show sooner rather than later so that he can start making periodic Family Guy movies. I'll watch Family Guy all night on Adult Swim but I can't see going to pay 11 bucks for a movie version.

5.  Fresh on its heels to make preschoolers feel bad about having enough to eat when their pretend muppet friends starve, Sesame Street is now joining the anti-bullying movement.  Its aim is to teach little kids the signs of bullying and that bullying is not cool.  Which is fine and admirable. The Street has chosen Big Bird to be the unfortunate victim of anti-bullying.  Sure, pick the giant yellow bird so kids can more easily identify with the victim's feelings. What if you don't like Big Bird; you might think he deserves it? Snuffaluffagus would have been a better choice; a foreign woolly mammoth with low-self esteem? A no-brainer.

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