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Monday, October 24, 2011

Pan Am: It Could Be Worse, You Could Have Jujube'd His Wife

Pan Am
Episode 105
One Coin in a Fountain

Tonight’s episode was kind of fun and drama free.  It takes place against the backdrop of the yearly Monaco Grand Prix, which Wikipedia describes as one of the most “important and prestigious” races run in the world. Held since 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix was also called the European Grand Prix in 1963 (due to a rotating title across the European racing circuit at the time). The 1963 Monaco Grand Prix was won by 6 time champion Graham Hill of British Racing Motors. Bruce McLaren (the 1962 winner driving for Cooper-Climax which is Dean’s stated favorite to win) came in third.  The race was held on May 26, 1963 which makes it consistent with last week’s Mercury 9 launch timeline but not with the fact that we are now in early July in the show’s stated chronology. Did nothing happen of note in the summer of 1963, internationally, which the show can shuttle the ladies to? 

Whatever, let's get on with the show!

Kate: Today’s mission overlaps with her personal life and doesn’t involve Laura at all. So Yay! MI-6 Guy (who’s name is Mr. Anderson, like in the Matrix) meets Kate on the street during their London stopover and tells her that there will be a UN attaché on their flight to Monte Carlo, Niko Lonza (played by hunky ER doctor, Goran Visnjic). Kate  is to get in with him so that she can be present when he goes to gamble. A friend that Niko will be gambling with will be bringing an Italian woman named, Nina Bracka. Your mission Kate? Get Nina’s fingerprints; she’s a Soviet spy! Easy Peasey!  At the pub, Kate offers herself up at play pool with Niko, much to Maggie’s chagrin (she had been working Niko over since the flight from NY). But please, with the tight white dress, the red hair and the pouty lips, Maggie didn’t stand a chance against Kate.  Grrroowr!  With the financial assistance of Laura, Kate buys a pricey emerald green couture piece all the ladies had been staring at earlier. Dressed to the nines and suffering a “chance” meeting, Niko has no choice but to take a stunning Kate to the casino with him. Shortly after arriving and meeting the Soviet spy (who is wearing evening gloves), Kate arranges for some red wine to get dumped on the Commie’s dress and gloves. When she insists that the Commie use a glass of seltzer to dab out the stains, the Commie grabs the glass and slams it down .. she also curses in Russian and storms away.  Kate stows the glass in her purse. Mission accomplished! Time to have some fun.  Kate and Niko retire to the bedroom for some hot, sexy time.  In the Wrap Ups, we learn that the World Fencing Championships are being held in Poland later that year and serve as sort of spy convention. Also, with the Commie’s fingerprints, they can help tie a bunch of different aliases to the same person.  After she ditches CIA Guy, she walks around the corner and meets up with … Niko.   Niko is getting a dirty water dog from a street vendor and they two of them set off on a stroll. Kate glances over her shoulder which is the exact amount of paranoia she should have with beginning this relationship.  Oh, this will not end well for anyone. 

Dean: While chatting with Ted and Sanjiiv (Citroen is not a Formula One car Sanjiiv. The, “you dumbass” is unspoken by Ted)  about his favored car to win the Monaco Grand Prix, an interloper named Ginny Sadler sashays into the flight cabin to flirt with the boys. Who dresses in a mink coat while on a plane? She says she wandered in there by accident while on the search for Jujubes; the store at the airport was all out.  I’d like to take a moment and wonder aloud if passengers were ever granted such freedom to flight cabin. I know there is historical evidence that children used to be allowed up front to see the cockpit and get some pilot wings but flirty passengers? This shizz would not be cool in a Post-September 11 world.  Back to the story, turns out that Ted is Jujube fetishist and bought all of the packages; he reluctantly gives Dean a box so as to increased his likely rate of sex later on.  He is clearly going to be a winner.  During the London stopover, Ginny pulls up to the hotel as Dean is leaving (how long was she waiting down the street to time that so well?). Before long, the looks turn to sucking face and Dean literally climbs in the car through the window, over her lap.  The next morning, Dean meets the Pan Am “brass” flying with them on to Monte Carlo, a vice president named Everett Henson   Everett has brought his secretary mistress along for the flight and its Ginny. Ruh-roh Shaggy, Dean’s penis is going to get him in trouble.  Dean is silently flipping out in the cabin while Ted is flipping out, out loud.  Ted sees a consolation in Dean only boning the VP’s mistress and not his wife. Thank heaven for small favors, huh?  Once they’ve touched down in Monte Carlo, Ginny rolls up in (Everett’s) convertible red sports car. Dean, who is stupid boy and was already drooling over the other cars, can’t resist her temptation – he does demand to drive though.  While they have a sex picnic out in the country, Dean is weakly accusing Ginny of intentionally withholding knowledge of her paramour. Ginny rightly points out that Dean didn’t ask any pertinent questions on how she affords a mink coat or transatlantic flight or anything about her personally, so really, Dean didn’t want to know.  Good point Ginny, Dean agrees with you and goes in for the lovemaking.  Back at the hotel, Dean has realized he left his room key in the VP’s car and is rooting around in it just as the VP shows up.  Everett likes Dean … but not enough to let him take his car for a test drive (and remove incriminating evidence) so bye.  Luckily, seeing as I am sure this is not her first time on the infidelity train, Ginny had enough eye for detail to rescue the key for Dean before Everett saw anything. Dean needs to go into his room to clean his shorts. As the gang returns to New York, the VP gives Dean a card and tell him to call if he ever needs help from the inside. Dean gives the VP AND Ginny a card of his own, in case either of them need his services. 1963 booty call ya’ll.

Laura:  Laura spends the episode trying to get Greg’s engagement ring back after she pawned it for money and then being mad at Ted when he foils her plan to do so.  Via flashbacks, we learn that Laura is headed to Harlem to meet with a jazz musician named Shoop Man. Laura almost has Shoop Man nailed down on price, of course only after confessing that she does indeed, “dig the tasty pudding.”  When Ted accuses the guy of ripping Laura off on the price, Shoop Man acts offended and refuses to sell the ring back. Laura is incensed at Ted and says he usurped her; also Ted, you’re a horrible person. Laura using big words like “usurped” is funny.  She tries to make him see it wasn’t about the money, it was about give Greg and herself closure.  He refuses to apologize because he was protecting her.  At the end of the episode, as she throws coin in a Monte Carlo fountain, Ted reveals that he repurchased the ring for her ... at the cost of his Rolex.  In the Wrap Ups, we see Laura gather herself outside Greg’s door and proceed to give the ring back.  The scene has no words but you get the sense that Laura just grew up a bit in that moment.  On a historical accuracy note, while in the subway with Laura and Ted, we hear the familiar (to people who live in New York City anyway)  “bing bong” of the subway doors closing. Did the NYC subway system really have the “bing bong” sound in 1963? Something tells me no. if you know differently, please let a message in the comments.

Maggie:  Maggie gets the Colette treatment this week, albeit with more screentime.  There is some mild controversy when Kate goes to make her move on Niko, since Maggie was feeling him out first but the drama is quickly assuaged when she finds a young Irishmen with which she can cavort.  She does use Kate’s c-block of Niko to her advantage by getting Kate to agree to handle making “eggs to order” for snobby first class passengers for two and a half weeks.  Also, she demotes Kate to economy and Laura gets to serve up in first class. 

Colette:  Other than a few choice scenes of staring longingly at Pilot Dean, Colette (for a second episode in a row) didn’t get to do much.  She does drop another nugget of wisdom, this time on to Dean. After his escapades during the episode, Colette wisely informs Pilot Dean that while its exciting walking on the highwire, sometimes it makes sense to do so with a net.  Also, your Lucky Numbers are 6 11 14 17 32 and 53.  Learn Chinese: “hello” “ni hao”. Enough with fortune cookie wisdom show and lets get some good Colette storylines working …

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