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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HIMYM: The Stinson Missile Crisis

Or as TV Watcher called it, "Robin and Kumar Go To Court Mandated Therapy"

This was an interesting episode. For starters, we had a cold open with Robin talking to her court-mandated therapist (Kal Penn - I'm sure he and NPH had a nice Harold and Kumar reunion on set), no kids. Robin had apparently assaulted someone and proceeded to spend the episode talking about Barney and Nora and Lily and Marshall and Ted as a means of getting to the assault. The epi was set up to make us think that Robin beat up Nora because Robin is still in love with Barney, but actually, she attacked a girl who had received one of Barney's Cold Call 5000 messages (more on that in a bit). In the meantime, we learn that Ted has become the third wheel in Lily's pregnancy - from second guessing her doctor to trying to go to a birthing class and of course making up red "Team Baby" t-shirts. A fter a sort-of funny scene involving Marshall and Ted doing the birthing class together ("no moaning and keep your eyes open!"), they realize that Lily really gets the final say and Marshall accepts Dr. Sonya's casual take on things. Which we learn will change when Lily gives birth. Back in Robin's therapy session, Robin helps send Nora to France to cover the G8 summit and intends to steal Barney back by helping get rid of all of his BDSs (Bimbo Delivery Services). From advertising free breast reduction consultations as Dr. Barney Stinson to having to fire Mitch from the Port Authority (who used to let him know when wide-eyed innocents got off the bus) to the Cold Call 5000. A machine that cold calls women between the ages of 22 and 23 who go on body glitter websites. When they finally finish getting rid of all the BDSs, Robin suggests that they go out on the town with her dressed in a hot dress (to prove that she's not a bro) and Barney dressed in a vest to cover the Ducky Tie (continuity, YES!) Anyway, the cold call machine called someone by accident and she went to find Barney. Robin sends her Barney's way and then goes home to talk to Ted and realizes the error of her ways and winds up getting into a fight with the girl so she doesn't interrupt Barney's dinner with Nora and Barney never knows what happened. Awww. All in all, an okay episode.

The season has been decent so far, but I could use a good, full-on LOL episode. Let's hope I'm not waiting too long...

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